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Aug 9, 2009 01:08 PM

looking for great restaurants in the Westlake Village area

I live in the West Valley and have heard that there are some wonderful restaurants in the Westlake Village area. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!!!

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  1. Were they taking the mickey? I can think of two restaurants in WLV that I would go to: Brent's Deli and Galletto's (Brazilian, with very good feijoada and caipirinhas on Saturdays).

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      Well summarized.
      Westlake is largely the "chain chain chain, chain of tools".
      But where is Les the Press - he lives there and can surely fill in the blanks better than DU and me from Orange County and Sherman Oaks?

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        What kind of place are you looking for? Fancy, medium, romantic, steak, unique or just good food?? Give me what you're looking for and I'll try to direct you, such as it is up here!!

      1. re: scrappydog

        I heard that Mandevilla is going out.

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          Saurday is closing night, it's a shame. A very nice consistent restaurant. As for the OP's original request Les and I differ on occasion. Close by to Westlake is Thousand Oaks and I love Mastro's he likes Grill on the Alley, so I will give you what I think is very good in the Area as I live in and dine in the area often. Leila's, my wife and I eat there a lot and enjoy it very much, we've been dining at Farfalla a bit lately, Tuscany is very good, Cafe 14 in Agoura very good, Boccaccio's has a wonderful view of the lake, sunset is best time to go and good food, Galletto's Bar and Grill same owner as Farfalla, Rustico very good and a new sushi place next door, Sayka very good fish, I don't eat rolls very much so I like fish only and this place is it.

          1. re: gdodgerfan

            We went Mandevilla often until Mediterano (and then Grill on the Alley) opened. At Mediterano we love dining out on the patio. Nice food, not specatular, but a good varied menu and decent prices.

            Our new favorite is The Grill on the Alley (which is closed right now due to a fire, due to re-open end of this month-I hope). Great menu, atmosphere and the best drinks (ummmm, Martini's) in Westlake/TO/Agoura!! Nice friendly people and we go (or did until the fire) at least once a month. We'll be there first weekend it opens (soon, please!!!!).

            We went to Leila's when we first moved up here. We did not enjoy it, overpriced and we did not like the atmosphere. Owner was a rude ass; we're not going back.

            We love Cafe 14 and have been many times, never disappoints. Nice patio and we like the menu, very cozy. Service and food have always been excellent. Need to go back, went Valentine's day, too long ago!! Boccaccio's - for a higher priced meal - is very nice, lovely setting in the summer (on the lake). Never had a bad meal or experience here. If it's not too hot, we like the patio, if it's hot, we like sitting by the window (nice big window, lots of seats). A very nice dining experience.

            I find Galletto's (which everyone else seems to like) way overpiced and not up to the quality for the price. Service was a little snotty when we went (only once, if the place is expensive, it needs to be VERY good). Along the same lines, Tuscany is overpriced and just ordinary. Went a few times and the food was more suited to a much lesser place, it's just not what you'd expect at that price point. We also disliked Mastros, too much attitude, way overpriced and huge portions most of which ends up in the trash (for 2 people anyway, maybe with 4 it's okay). I know everyone likes it, but I'd sooner go to Flemming's. Wish Morton's would open a TO branch.

            We've been to Rustico a few times and it's okay, just feel there are better places (Mediterrano/Grill on the Alley) for the same price range.

            For a more chain type (but good food) Lazy Dog Cafe opened last month in the Oaks. We've been a few times (It's very close to us, so convenient). While there have been some service mishaps (slowness), the patio is delightfull and all the food we've ordered has been good and thoughouly enjoyed. Don't go if you're in a rush (trying to make a movie?), but if you can relax and spend the time, it's really good. It does get very crowded (and early), but they have the best Mojito's ever!!

            I know we're kinda picky, but we eat out very often and have come to demand quality for the money we spend. If the service sucks or the waiters are snotty with attitute, we take our money elsewhere. I guess each his own, isn't that what Chowhounds is about?

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              Did not realize that Mandevilla was going out of business; we were there about a month ago. We will miss the place: good food, great service and reasonable prices. Like Les, I am also a big fan of GOTA. (In my opinion, it's not really a steak house in the same vein as Mastros, Flemings, Mortons, etc, but features a much broader menu and also does steak well. I think it is a particularly great call when only half of the dining party is in the mood for steak. ) Last I checked they were predicting re-opening late August but were not taking any reservations before September 8. Forgot about Cafe 14, but agree with you; we have always enjoyed the food there. Only tried Farfalla once shortly after opening the WLV branch and the food was good but the service was mediocre - may have to give them another try.

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                Hi, gdodgerfan!

                You mentioned Sayka in the Pavilion's shopping center at the intersection of Lindero Canyon and Kanan in Westlake Village. We had lunch there today. I ordered traditional sushi items and everything was excellent...very fresh! My dining companion ordered a roll which she enjoyed.

                Of course, it is a stone's toss from my home, so I enjoyed it even more! Still, I would travel for Sayka. The service was very attentive and the chef was friendly and accommodating. At the end, he even asked me if I wanted just one piece of something and one piece of something else to make a final plate...very nice.


                I know that they are open Tue-Fri for lunch 11:30-2:00.
                Call for their exact dinner hours.

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                  Happy you enjoyed it liu. I also live very close and now we don't have to travel far for great Sushi

                  1. re: gdodgerfan

                    Hi, gdodgerfan!
                    Have you tried the sushi bar in the Bauducco's shopping center off Agoura Road in Westlake Village. It is called Kaminari...really good!

          2. My office is in Westlake Village - Tuscany is good but expensive. There's an Italian deli in the Ralph's shopping center on the west side of Kanan Road north of the 101 that makes good sandwiches (but that's in Agoura Hills). The Brent's is satisfactory, but (if I have enough free time) I'll drive downtown to Langer's for my pastrami sandwich. Unless you're willing to drive to Fab Hot Dogs on Tampa, you can't beat the Sabrett cart on Townsgate just west of TO Blvd. Dogs are $3.50 and they have the NY red onion sauce discussed on other boards. Unfortunately, Carter put it well: WLV is not a destination for chowish food.

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              And Zagat would be correct, at least in my humble opinion. Very good food - imaginative, nicely presented; good service; friendly staff (but not overly so). We also like Farfalla, in the Westlake Promenade. Westlake is so small, that it's difficult to find anything new. Grill on the Alley is ok - pricey steaks. Ditto, Mastro's. Do you remember the Pacific Dining Car near downtown L.A.?

              It was good meeting you guys last night.

              1. re: Constancia

                By all means I remember the PDC! We had dinner there 10 days ago when we went to the Music Center to see Spamalot. They use room temp plates so there's no need to hold the steak aloft.. However, although they brag about their shuttle to the MC, they only do it on Sat and Sun now so we were out of luck on Thursday. Agreed, it was great to meet you yesterday - You pester Steve and I'll pester Steve and we'll get together for dinner or other fun soon. Fight On!

            2. A very good one - Zagat gives it a 27 Food Rating - is Leila's in Oak Park, just a mile or so north of Westlake Village on Lindero Canyon Rd.

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                I second Leila's...I think it is really amazing. I find the service quite good but not stuffy. I take dates their frequently and find everyone really friendly. But, what really makes it a great place is that the food is just terrific. The appetizers are all very tasty. My favorite appetizer is a lobster tempura...very light batter and lots of lobster with a dash of wasabi crunchy fish eggs. Unique and really delicious. The main courses are creative and fresh. I especially like the fish courses. And the desserts are all good. If this restaurant was on the Westside or in West Hollywood, people would go just nuts over it. But, it is in a very non-descript strip shopping center in a rather quiet area of Oak Park. I think it is the best restaurant in the area. I think that is worthy of being called a "great place" in this area. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

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                  I agree! Can't believe Leila's is still in business, despite their outstanding food. It's just in such a weird place - you really have to know the little shopping center. I found out about it, as it's close to my hair salon.

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