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Aug 9, 2009 12:19 PM

Where can I find hibiscus flowers?

We were at Xochitl last week and my wife enjoyed a hibiscus flavored iced tea. I'd like to try to make some at home so I'm looking for a place I can buy the hibiscus.

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  1. Dried in any Mexican market, sold in packages. The name is Jamaica, pronounced Hamaica.

    1. The grocery store across the parking lot from Taqueria de Veracruzana on the south side of Washington has them in bulk.

      1. The bulk costs only a fraction of the pre-packaged, and is fresher. I keep a pitcher of it in my fridge all summer long. Boil 11/2 quarts water, turn off heat, throw in a gererous handful of petals, let it steep half an hour, strain, add sweetener to taste while it is warm, and later add water to dilute to taste. In Mexico it's agua de jamaica.

        1. You can also buy them online at most tea shops ( definitely has it). If you have a Middle Eastern market near you, you can find them there as well. Hibiscus tea in Egypt is called "karkadi."