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Aug 9, 2009 11:47 AM

Has Velveeta changed?

I hadn't bought a brick of regular Velveeta in perhaps 30 years, although I'll plead guilty to occasionally using a smaller package of the store-brand equivalent as part of the blend for mac&cheese.

I decided to make zucchini cubes baked with Velveeta and Grapenuts. It's been so long since I was served this that I really can't remmeber the specifics, and was unable to find a recipe. It's in the oven now - used my judgment and tossed zucchini with a little Wondra flour, cubed Velveeta, and green garlic (original may have had scallion/onion, or neither), plus black pepper, topped with Grapenuts mixed with melted butter. The Velveeta looked paler in color than I recall, and with even less taste. I'd toyed with adding cheddar cheese powder, then forgot (I can always stir it into the serving dish if it relaly needs it).

I know, Velveeta is anathema in these parts of the Internet - the reason it works in this dish is that it is creamy when melted and does not overpower the mild flavor of the squash.

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  1. i did some Googling...based on the rants & musings i found around the Web, it appears as though the formula has changed more than once over the years, and that you're not the only one who has noticed the paler color & milder flavor.

    1. That velveeta and hormel no bean chili hot dip isn't so bad (not talking healthy here). Had a boss years ago from Hawaii, she loved grilled spam & velveeta sandwiches, no thanks! (and we're really not talking healthy there)

      1. Velveeta has changed and my daughter first noticed this about 4 years ago. She used to love adding some to her scrambled eggs but not anymore. I don't know what the change is, and I worte once to Kraft to inquire and they wrote back and and said it has not changed. I used to use it in a broccoli souffle dish that I make, and have since switched to Cheese Whiz.....I can't beleive I'm admiting this but it's true..
        Your zucchini dish sounds like something we would like and I'd like to give it a try. Can you give a few more details to the amounts on the ingredients. I'm loaded with zucchini.

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          Not really, because I neither measured nor, as it turns out, recreated the dish accurately. I didn't think it needed milk but what I did today did not come out as saucy as intended. So I imagine, melt some Cheese Whiz (if and when I try again I'll use that) and evaporated milk together and mix with quarter-inch sliced or half-inch cubed zuke. Scallions if desired. I had about 6 cups zuke today, with a 2.5" cube of Velveeta. Could have used half again as much. Into a casserole and topped with buttered Grapenuts, 350 until crumbs are dark but not scorched. I divided it into smaller dishes and baked at 375+ since I was also roasting veggies. Tasting one afterwards - not enough flavor; stirred in some cheese powder which did the trick. Pikawicca, in this instance you're not looking for much cheesy taste since you want to taste zucchini. The Velveeta operates more or less as a bechamel analog. You could certainly use a better cheese and get a good, but different, dish.

          I am glad it's not just me that thinks this product has changed. Either it has, or I'm in good company as I lose my grip!

          1. re: Infomaniac

            IMO, Velveeta tastes sweeter now. I made some salsa dip with it and was shocked by the sweet taste.

          2. Ya know, you could use Italian Fontina and get a great melty cheese, along with stellar flavor. The "it melts great" argument for Velveeta is bogus -- there are lots of superb cheeses with great flavor that melt well.

            1. I don't know whether the formula has changed or not, but if it has been 30 years since you tried it, I'm positive your tastebuds have changed, so there is guaranteed to be a difference in taste for you no matter what. I'm "getting along in years" as they say, and my taste faculties are definitely not the same as they were back in the good ol' days, and I don't think I'm alone. Your observation that there is "less" flavor than before is certainly consistent with what I have observed with most things.