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Where to get a malt in Seattle?

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Is there anywhere that still makes malts? I can think of tons of places that make shakes, but I really have a desire for a Malt. And right now my blender is broken, so I can't make it myself.

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  1. Red Mill Burger. My better half always orders the PB&J shake, I order a chocolate malt, then we share.

    1. XXX Root Beer in Issaquah http://www.triplexrootbeer.com/ or Blue Moon Bugers http://bluemoonburgers.com/drinks.php both make malts

      1. Kidd Valley makes malts.

        1. Teddy's Bigger Burgers in Woodinville has great shakes, and they also do malts. And on the fast food side, Dairy Queen also does malts.