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Aug 9, 2009 10:33 AM

Tamari - Pittsburgh

Went to Tamari last evening. My new favorite! Food, decor, service, and presentation were all very impressive. One negative comment - drink list is great however they do not know how to properly serve some of the drinks - putting some drinks on the rocks, wrong glass, etc.

My group ordered a little of everything - chicken spring rolls, veg and meat skewers, maki rolls, sashimi, and the green tea cake for dessert (made by Dozens Bakery). Every dish was very good and well prepared.

The decor and lay-out is terrific. The outdoor deck is a great addition with a view of the city. Great place to spend the evening with friends, lingering after dinner.

I will retrun next Friday. I was warned by the manager to come early - very long wait time on Friday's. Tamari is not accepting reservations at this time.

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  1. Thanks six.. that's on my list of places to go - I can't wait!

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      I would strongly second the advice about arriving early or heading there on a weeknight - the wait on weekends can be well over 1 hour.

    2. I went to Tamari yesterday. OMG is it great. The decor is beautiful. Very clean and soothing.

      The only bad thing I will say is I had a waiter who mumbled and had a bit of an attitude. Apparently diners 2 tables down heard about lobster specials and we didn't. The service was very good regardless.

      On to the good... (we were hungry so bear with me ahahah) We both had ceviche on a tostone.. has a nice bit of heat from the jalapeno and not overwhelming on the cilantro.

      We had the Peking Duck quesadilla. Not my favorite thing - they were kinda bland and the hoisin was overpowering.

      Tempura soft shell crab with red chili dijon vingairette and Asian slaw - delicious. The food had a nice heat but not too hot (neither of us can handle really spicy/hot foods much to my dismay).

      Eel maki roll - really delicious and then we moved to speciality maki. Naruto - salmon, tuna, yellowtail wrapped with cucumber on the outside - extremely good. TNT - tuna, salmon, yellowtail with avocado - tempura fried - not that heavy duty tempura.. you could see through this tempura - very thin coating. This was the best of them all. Just fantastic.

      I loved Tamari and will go back. Hopefully with a different server. Didn't know they served dessert because he just left us the bill.

      I highly recommend Tamari!

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        I posted a little about tamari in my Plum review, but I thought Tamari was really excellent. they have a great HH special from i think 5-7 pm. $1 ceviche, $1 robata. Great. We tried a ton of different foods. The tuna ceviche was delicious. salmon sashimi was probably the best i've had in pittsburgh so far and I put it above both chaya and umi. Very generous portion for the price. Robata grill was great, quail egg wrapped with bacon? can't be beat.

        We did order some entrees and they were good, but the $1 HH specials is where it's at. Will be back again very soon.

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          I have to laugh - I told my boyfriend about Tamari and I was back there Tuesday night after listening to jazz downtown. We missed happy hour but did have Max Starks sitting behind us at a table lol. The food is just fabulous. I had a mojito (I'm not a big drinker) and was surprised by the amount of rum that was in it. Not complaining though. Give it a try!

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            They will be taking reservations in 2010...only a few days away. I understand they will be on Open Table as well.

            1. re: chinacat1969

              I was just there on Xmas Eve. We went earlier in the day. We had the place to ourselves. OMG I love the food. Great fusion. I recommend the Zen iced tea drink! I saw the tasting menu (wish I could remember it) - $45 per person and $15 more for wine pairings. They said to make reservations and the last course is served at nine (I think).