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Aug 9, 2009 10:01 AM

Wine bar/lounge in Edmonton?

hi hounds

will be back in edmonton in a week and am going to meet up with a couple of buddies. they are wine fans now and i guess wanna go catch up somewhere where you can have a good selections of wine by glass or bottle. not looking for dinner destination, just a nice lounge/bar where the tunes are good, the atmosphere is lively and the wine is flowin. i researched to see if there are any new places like that and i only found reviews of 4th and vine, and they were not the greatest. any recs? would prefer if location was jasper ave or whyte ave.


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  1. 4th and Vine isn't bad, so long as you are going for the wine and not expecting a heavenly culinary experience. The vibe is more romantic than lively though.

    Another spot I'd definitely recommend is Tzin Wine Bar and Tapas on 104 St. just off Jasper. Cool intimate place with great sharing food and a good selection of wine. Again not really a lounge though, but excellent food and drink!

    One place that might fit the bill is Suede Lounge on Jasper (near 118 St.). Haven't been there for wine recently but it does get more lively and probably has the vibe you are looking for. Last option that comes to mind, though I haven't been yet is Accent European Lounge on 104St just off Whyte ave. Its a relative newcomer, and a member of Original Fare...might be worth a look.

    1. I give Tzin a big thumbs up. Knowledgeable staff, good wine selection and tasty food. Hardly a party place, but a good spot to have a conversation in a relaxed atmosphere. It's small, so make a reservation if you go.

      Otherwise, check out Suede, as it's more lively and usually has a DJ on weekends.

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        I was at The Hat last week for lunch, and was really surprised by their wine list, such items as Acacia Pinot Noir by the glass among others. This place would definitely fit the bill, and the burgers are good.

      2. How about that little place that is part of Culina Millcreek?

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          i've been to that place next to Culina Millcreek - it is excellent for selection but TINY. Maybe 8 people could fit in the whole place. It isn't a lounge, there isn't really much atmosphere or music, but the wine is great and the sommelier is knowledgeable.

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            I believe it is called Passa Tempo. I agree, very tiny. would prefer Tzin for sure.

        2. There is a place on 104st and 80ave by the Purple Onion. I think it is called Unwine'd or something equally corny. I have never been, but you can try it out and report back.

          1. There is also Hundred - just across from Sherlocks down town. They have a huge wine list and a bonus for the summer time is that a bunch of the bottles are on for half price until the last day of summer! Might be worth making a reso if you are going on a Friday or Saturday night though.