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Aug 9, 2009 09:48 AM

Providence Area Dinner for Daughter's 21st Birthday

Planning on visiting Providence to take daughter (and possibly friends) out to dinner for her 21st birthday. Love all types of good food. Recommendations needed for average to above average priced dinners.

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  1. I would go to Twin Oaks. It is not downtown but close by. It has a huge menu, prices are good and the atmosphere is good. The food is home made and delicious. It has Italian and seafood, but a variety of other dishes. It is my favorite RI restaurant. I live in Maryland now but grew up in Providence. I still go to Twin Oaks on return visits.

    You might want to call them first, as I know they used to be closed for vacation sometime in August.

    1. Here is a link to Twin Oaks. It is on the Providence Cranston line.

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        Thank you for your suggestion. I will check out the site. We do plan on heading to Providence this month so will inquire about their closing dates.

      2. You will have to be more specific, there are hundreds of restaurants in providence that fall within those parameters...

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        1. re: Sean

          Sorry for being so vague. We have been to Federal Hill several times and that is about it. Every meal has been exceptional but think it might be nice to venture off the hill. Daughter goes to college in Providence and is working in city through summer. Unfortunately, funds are tight so she really is unable to suggest restaurants. Would like to find something fun with atmosphere. However, it is just as important for us to have a good meal. Not into stuffiness. Willing to travel outside of city. Husband probably not interested in Japanese.

          1. re: donbeck

            Twin Oaks definitely fits the bill for atmosphere, very popular...

            1. re: Sean

              Yeah, if you like eating with grand parents. Twin Oaks is a dinosaur. This is a 21st birthday!

              OP, I think your girls would have fun at 10 Steak and Sushi. It's not my most favorite place in the city, but it has an upbeat, fun environment, 3-D dessert menus and funky cocktails. It screams 21st birthday here!

              1. re: invinotheresverde

                Personally I don't care for Twin Oaks myself, have not been in over twenty years (in my teens), did not realize it was an older crowd, just remember the place was hopping...

                Have not lived in that area for about fifteen. I loved Bacaro and thought that had atmosphere. Also the younger ones might share a liking for Hemenway's with the adults, a little less upscale but still a nice atmosphere.



        2. I don't think I'd pick Twin Oaks for this type of dinner. I would think she would be more interested in a place with more atmosphere. Maybe 10 Steak and Sushi or Siena or Zooma (two of these are on The Hill).

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            While I also wouldn't pick Twin Oaks, these others are (IMO) more about the scene than about the food, although the food is generally good. The 21yo and her friends would likely be much more fond of them than the parents would. Twin Oaks is the exact opposite, and would likely be a near-death experience for the 21yo.

            To the OP, you'll still need to be more specific as to which night of the week, how many people, what your budget is, etc. (don't say "above average", give $.) What did you like or not like of the places you've been.

            1. re: Gin n Tonic

     I am not sure if Twin Oaks would be the right place. We have eaten at Siena (3 x) Blue Grotto, Melting Pot, Cassarino's and La Fonte (or something like that). Of these, we have enjoyed the atmosphere at Siena the best. Would like to find something similar not necessarily Italian but with great atmosphere like Siena. We would be going out on a Saturday night with probably 5 - 7 people. The places I have mentioned are all within our budget. We realize Providence has some expensive places so I guess when I say above average I am thinking $$ with $$$ if it's worth it. Hope this helps.

              1. re: donbeck

                So then I'll join in with the others who have recommended 10 Prime Steak & Sushi. Even though there is plenty of sushi to choose from, your husband needn't worry, it's not a Japanese resto, and there are plenty of steaks, lamb chops, veal chops, etc. to choose from, and on Saturday night it'll be a scene that your daughter and her friends will certainly like. Not inexpensive -- mostly $35-40 entrees. I don't know when the occasion is, but check the Waterfire schedule -- if it's on one of those Saturdays, you're only a few blocks away, and it will be an enjoyable post-dinner walk around town. Make sure you make reservations, and expect parking to be fairly expensive.



                Do not, repeat not, go to Twin Oaks if you want your daughter to speak to you after this.

            2. re: Bluebird

              I totally agree (hadn't read your post before I responded). These kids will want somewhere fun, not a nursing home.

              1. re: invinotheresverde

                Twin Oaks dont think so . Go to the Square at the Hill. Especially on a Friday night the place it totally packed so get there early if the weather is nice there are 4-5 restaurants there you can sit outside it is like the La Piazzetta on the Isle of Capri. but Venda is the best if grilled pizza right there is Gepettos. plus they have live music floating around for a fun night Prov city not that nice for a fun place.

                1. re: Frank Terranova

                  These are all great suggestions. Of course 10 Prime and Steak sounds the most amazing but a little on steep side. May need to get a final head count before I think about reserving. May have to come down one notch on the price. What is the scoop on Bacaro? Menu and website sound interesting. Love Federal Hill but sort of wanted to try something else. Everybody has been so helpful.

                  1. re: donbeck

                    Also Good Choice is Bacaro. Brian Kingsford is a wonderful chef/owner so you know the food is going to be good. Ask for him when you get there he loves to stop by a table and ask how you liked things.

                    1. re: donbeck

                      I'm not a fan of Bacaro. I went with high hopes based on reviews here. The Salumera menu can get expensive quickly. I enjoyed this the most. I can't even remember the entrees. I do remember how expensive it seemed for what we got. I'm also not sure that it is really a younger crowd.

                      Alternatives to 10 that might have a younger crowd and more of a scene would be Cafe Noir. (owned by the same "chain" that owns 10). It isn't Providence's best, but the atmosphere might be better for your group and is lower priced than 10. Also Red Stripe is a lively and more moderately priced option.

                      These are not necessarily the best chow options, but I'm trying to think about what a 21 year old and her friends might like.

              2. In March we celebrated my daughter's 21st at 10 Prime Steak and Sushi. It had the right vibe, it had the right drinks.