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Aug 9, 2009 09:46 AM

unflavored gelatin powder in Edmonton

Anyone know where to find unflavored gelatin powder in Edmonton or better yet, gelatin leaves?

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  1. If you need it in small quantities, you can always get the Knox brand little packets from you local grocery store (superstore, safeway, sobeys, save-ons). They all carry it in the baking section or possibly the jello section. It is quite expensive though considering the quantity you get.

    1. Bosch kitchen centre might have gelatin leaves...

      Give them a call:

      1. I am pretty sure I've seen them at Bosch Kitchen too. Otherwise, I think my mom has gotten them from K&K on Whyte Ave.

        1. It's been awhile, but I have picked up Dr. Oetker unflavored gelatin leaves at the Italian Centre downtown.