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Aug 9, 2009 09:30 AM

"Vibey" casual steak place with easy access & oversize parking - Oakville/Toronto/GTA west?

Two of my friends from the States will be staying in Oakville (403 & Bronte) on Tuesday night. We'd like to get together for dinner & conversation somewhere Oakville/Toronto/GTA west. I live in Peterborough, so I've got no clue where to suggest. Some guidance from the experts here would really be wonderful.

My friends have requested somewhere "vibey" where they could get a "hunk of cow." I'd like to request very casual atmosphere, some non-spicy menu items, and a roomy surface parking lot. (My truck is longer than parallel spots, and taller than most underground/garages.)

Hoping some of you have some gems to pass along. Thanks all for taking the time to read!

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  1. Well, one obvious place which serves steak (though imho not as toothsome as the charcoal broiled steaks of downtown houses) of high quality in large portions is Via Allegro - with its outstanding wine list and a large carte to cater for every taste. It is a café atmosphere, casual, lots of non-spicy menu items and surface parking right at the door - it is somewhat incongruously located in a strip mall on The Queensway just W of the 427 flyover. It is not cheap but there is value for money.

    Of an entirely different standard - with steaks and, again, a wide if more predictable menu, - is Milestones off Dixie just E of the Airport. It has a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere, well-trained waiters and high booths if you all want to natter privately.

    Another notch down, though good of its kind imho, with fajitas, steaks, chicken and so forth, and large libations, with a bustling atmosphere is a tex-mex eatery whose name I forget on the N side of Dixie a little closer to the Airport than Milestones, but again E of it.

    Have a great reunion !

    1. Try Aristotles in Mississauga on Millcreek Drive. They serve fairly large portions and they still make ceaser salad made at your table.

      1. I can recommend a few places in Oakville. One is just off the QEW/403 and although it isn't a steak house I had a nice steak there:

        Trattoria Timone... It is in the AMC movie theatre centre so there is plenty of parking but I guess it does take away from the "decor" a bit.

        Inside it is very nice and we had excellent service when I went with my family.

        I don't know places that have a "vibe" but I hear that the steak at Omega on Kerr Street is very good (I haven't been myself since I was a kid).

        Also, Oakville downtown is a very nice area (Trafalgar and Lakeshore) so maybe consider a place in that area (although I don't have a specific recommendation)