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just moved to Beaverton - need food help, big time

I am coming from NY, then landed in the pearl dist for a year-
now I am at Murray and Cornell - near Nike campus

Need help with:


Anything good-any hidden gems??

Willing to drive 5-10 min

thx in advance

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  1. Not much in outer suburban wasteland, but I'll try.
    Ikenohana for sushi on Murray.

    In central Beav there are more options, but that's more than ten minutes away.

    1. sesame donuts can satisfy the breakfast/dessert/coffee needs in a pinch, and they produce a donut far superior to the much-hyped voodoo. if you like microbrews, raccoon lodge is a block away from sesame and creates some really unique beer. both of these spots should be about 6-7 minutes drive from you.

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        Have no idea if this fits within your 5-10 minute rule, but very good Thai (and some Lao) can be found at Rama Thai, 12874 SW Canyon Rd. Many of their specials are written in Thai on the wall, so let's assume they are not catering only to a non-Thai clientele. I've found the food to be above average for Portland, the Isaan (or Lao?) sausage is great. Nice Korean (made, I think, by Chinese) at Du Kuh Bee located at 12590 SW 1st St...get the spicy pork noodles...the noodles are hand pulled to order. A gem, but does it fit the 10 minute max travel time? Well, I drive 20-25 minutes from Woodstock, so, I guess you have to be the judge. It's worth the trip for me....

      2. Hehe, Du Kuh Bee. Guess the cat is definitely out of the bag now.


        Lots of good spots in the Tron. My faves are Best Baguette, Nakwon, Yuzu and Chennai Masala where I get my banh mi, Korean noodles, Japanese pub, and South Indian food, respectively.

        1. What kind of places did you like to eat while you were living in the Pearl? And you never once visited Beaverton? (--suspicious--)

          1. I'm vouching for sesame donuts. Also, Thai orchid is great for Thai, also thai roses is good in Raligh hills.

            1. Beaverton isnt the wasteland some seem to think it is.,Yuzu, Country Korean Restaurant,Nak Won, Hakatamon, Ikenohana,Best Baguette, , Pho Binh Minh, Sanchez Taqueria, Hapa Grill, Hall Street Grill......
              Now, a lot of these are more than 10 min, but THAT is the one sacrifice you will have to make in the suburbs(realistically you had to make those in the Pearl too......where was a good Taco within 10 min or you in the pearl?). also, if these seem Korean and Japanese focused....well, you are smack dab in the middle of where that population lives. Enjoy!

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                thanks everyone- I will try them out-

                I have been to Yuzu and enjoyed it-

                At SS: I moved to Beaverton to have more space and be close to Nike. I just moved from NY to The pearl to suburbia.

                IN the pearl- I liked Hiroshi, Fenouil, the greek place, cha cha cha was okay, and Silk was okay.

              2. What about Jin Wah? Some really good Vietnamese and Chinese dishes here. The menu is overwhelming, but I like the Salt and Pepper fried squid, Dry fried green beans, Some of the dried bun salad things, and more.

                1. You might want to try a Mad Greek sandwich from the Mad Greek Deli. I haven't been there in about 15 years, but it was always one of my favorites.

                  On a lark, I checked the other day and they do still exist. I'd be interested to hear what you think if you try it.

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                    Still a good place to go for the food, but no longer the "entertainment". The Greek family have been falling one by one with age (mean that they at least don't show up for work in the Deli), so there are mostly polite young pups behind the counter (those who've been in there in the past understand what I'm saying). I've been going there since they started making sandwiches in the back corner when they were only a Greek grocery, quite some years ago. I mostly go there only in the Summer on hot days -- dunno, I just feel like going there then. :-)

                  2. For Pizza, my family loves Nonna Emilia Ristorante Italiano - 17210 SW Shaw, Aloha - 172nd & TV Hwy.

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                      You must try Sanchez's carnita sopas. They are heavenly, the carnita are moist yet still with the salty crunchy bits that make carnita so good. Their sopas are light, soft and crunchy on the bottom, highly addictive.

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                        heck, try EVERYTHING at Sanchez Taqueria! best Taqueria in the PDX metro area.

                        Sanchez Taqueria
                        13050 SW Pacific Hwy, Portland, OR 97223

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                        Nona's is a classic....used to be frequented by Intel folks

                      3. Bethanys Table in Bethany Village isn't very far from you. Menu changes daily and the food is really good. Sesame Donuts goes without saying - very, very good but don't waste your time - the pizza here in the NW isn't very good at all ! If you're willing to head east, The Screen Door is worth the trip.

                        Sesame Donuts
                        13500 SW Hall Blvd, Portland, OR 97223

                        1. Lots of Mexican food - but one spot for good authentic Mexican fast food is Muchas Gracias, off of Hall & Nimbus in Beaverton.....

                          1. Breakfast? - Toms Pancake house, or any Elmers