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Aug 9, 2009 08:38 AM

Saratoga: Gift Cards for a Skidmore Frosh

My nephew is starting at Skidmore this fall and for his HS graduation I want to get him a few gift cards for restaurants in Saratoga. Looking for suggestions of places near the campus. I have trained him over the years to he is a good chowhound, no dumbing down for a college student necessary. I have found it possible to get gift cards from most places just by calling and requesting, so any suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Gotchya's, Max London's, Karavalli, Forno Toscano would be great for a college student at Skidmore (my son is a sophomore)

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    1. re: gerchak198

      Maybe add Hattie's to gerchak198's good list? Maybe Irish Times?

      1. re: gerchak198

        Second Max London's. Mrs. Londons for lunches and pastries.

        If he likes coffee a coffee place (I defer to gerchak,PSZaas, other hounds for recs on this one).

        If he will have a car/access to a car Harvest & Hearth for pizza on Saratoga Lake.

        Maybe Ravenous.

        1. re: financialdistrictresident

          Went to Scallions for the first time yesterday. Might be a possibility for lunch . . .depending on what your nephew is into.

      2. I would go w/ Baileys, Def. Hatties, Cantina!

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        1. re: leavinglasvegas

          Actually, the places possibly most frequented by Skidmore students appear to be Putnam Market-they have gift cards, and Uncommon Grounds coffee shop (not sure about the gift cards), but any of the above previously mentioned places would be great. Whenever I've been in Putnam Market, Skidmore students are always getting sandwiches, salads, etc. For real dining, I'd suggest either of the London's places.

          1. re: markabauman

            my son liked the cheap chinese restaurant on the main st when he was a student
            hattie's in my opinion is a treasure
            fried chicken in a league of its own
            prices are fair also.

            1. re: foodismylife

              You must mean China Wok. Can't really recommend it tho I can see a student liking it. Shanghai Grill on South Broadway is better.