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Aug 9, 2009 07:56 AM

Boston - Italian dining recommendations? (especially for great pasta)

I've been poking around the Chowhound site for some yummy Italian options. As per the usual, Chowhounders always have great advice that folks can learn from . Would really appreciate your advice on the following.

Looking for some great (but not outrageously priced) Italian restaurants. Love Northern and Southern Cuisine, and go crazy for places that have home-made pastas.

Hoping for Boston restaurants either in North End, Downtown - Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Fanieul areas... Also open to Cambridge near Harvard Square.

Really appreciate your advice. Thank you for taking the time to share.

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  1. I am a big fan of the pastas ( and most everything else) at Erbaluce...reasonable prices and across from the Park Plaza area in Bay Village ...excellent and innovative use of herbs and spices Owner/chef as well

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      Second this! Had a great house-made fettucine with porcini and rabbit a few nights ago.

    2. Giacomo's in the north end. Hanover street. Try the butternut squah ravioli or the pumpkin tortellini ( a Rachel ray favorite when she was here). Both wonderful. Al dente on salem street in the north end. Homemade pasta. Try the gnocci in the bolognese sauce.

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        I do like Giacomo's, but have only been to the South End one- but the pasta is excellent.

      2. corn raviolini w/ rock shrimp and pancetta at Prezza (1/2 order is plenty)

        1. For great pasta as well as perfect veal dishes, I don't think you can beat Rino's Place in East Boston. Never been disappointed there. As for Giacomo's, strictly a tourist trap with decent, but uninspired pasta dishes,IMO.