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Aug 9, 2009 07:48 AM

where to find best pretzel in toronto?

any recommended bakeries in toronto?
i already googled for it but it seems only one out of three that i've found still exists. it's the german dimpflmeier bakery.

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  1. So what's wrong with Dimp's? Hot, fresh pretzels travel about 50ft from the back to the bins every couple of hours. Works for me!

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    1. re: Kagemusha

      Yes! Dimpflmeier pretzels are the best. They also make great salzstangerl, the long chewy rolls encrusted with coarse salt and caraway seeds. It's worth a trip all the way out there just for those.

      1. re: Kagemusha

        no nothing wrong with them..
        i'm still in germany and want to know if there are more recommendations

        1. re: clope

          i don't think i ever had a dimpflmeier's pretzel, but as a student in toronto i LOVED their bread. haven't been able to get it here in the US!

          1. re: madkittybadkitty

            Where is the bakery? I would love to go there. I absolutely LOVE their bread which I buy in the supermarket -- it makes the best toast ever (especially the flax one). It takes like 10 minutes to toast up because it's so moist -- but it is just great.

            1. re: Arcadiaseeker

              It's on Advance Rd., which is off Kipling south of Bloor. They make a lot of items not available in stores and not listed on their website. There's also a cafe on the premises with good coffee and desserts.


      2. My German-born mother is always on the lookout for good "pretzeln", but they are hard to find. Dimpflmeier is not conveniently located for me, but I have purchased "pretzel bagels" from The Bagel House. They are certainly different, but chewy, salty, and very enjoyable.

        To satisfy her cravings, she has typically purchased bulk orders of pretzel buns from Sticklings (which we pick up from their bakery), but with the stipulation that before pick-up the buns are left uncovered, as covering them up turns the crust to cardboard and "melts" the salt. These have the qualities of the traditional pretzel, except for the shape. Haven't ordered them in a while, and I don't see the buns on the product list, so I'm hoping they're still making them...

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        1. re: Full tummy

          that Sticklings bakery sounds promising. hope they still making them. i'll contact them next week. it's really hard to find traditional german pretzels. Schöne Grüße

          1. re: clope

            Our family used to live in Ottawa, and when there, we would purchase pretzels from Swiss Pastries. My mom says they aren't the same as they used to be, but it might be worth checking it out, if you are going to be in that area. I read somewhere else on the Internet that they sell fresh pretzels on Thursdays...


            Please keep in mind that the pretzel buns at Sticklings are different than pretzels in some respects; since they are buns, they're plumper with a soft interior. Our family is addicted to them, though. We usually eat them with fleisch salat. I don't know if Sticklings might do a custom order of pretzels; I've never asked.

        2. There's a lady who sells large soft pretzels in the North St. Lawrence Market on Saturdays. Her booth is located near the southeast side entrance, sometimes inside and sometimes just outside. She also sells pies. The pretzels are sold in bags of 3 for about $4.

          They are particularly excellent earlier in the day; by the end of the day they tend to get a bit too soft as they are in plastic bags. Perfect with Kozlik's Sweet Russian mustard, available across the street in the South Market.

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          1. re: Gary

            thanks but that's the problem i would like to find more traditional pretzels which aren't soft at all. why most of the pretzels are soft? if you are used to traditional ones like the one in germany you only want them...

            1. re: clope

              So you won't be trying the Jalapeño Cheddar Pumpernickel Pretzel Sandwiches then...?


          2. Thuet does or used to do large, soft pretzels.

            1. Dimpflmeiers rock.. Thats where I go as well