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Aug 9, 2009 07:05 AM

BACCO Restaurant Review

Went to Brennan's Bacco last night with 7 friends to try their summer Coolinary menu.

The food was quite good, up to the standard I've come to expect from the Brennans. The service, however, was the worst of all the B's restaurants.

Food Highlights:
-Lobster/Shrimp Ravioli topped with caviar and lump crab-meat. Ok so this was really my wife's dish but I couldn't stop stealing bites.

-BBQ Shrimp; I'd put it up against any other BBQ shrimp in the city; better than Pascal's Manale and on-par with Mr. B's; didn't taste like the same recipe exactly, but it's been about 6 months since my last trip there, so not quite sure. Either way, my friends made sure each crust of bread and drip of sauce were gone

-A vegetarian friend ordered linguine with shaved black summer truffles. The portion was huge and the earthy taste of the truffles lingered on.

Service Lowlights:
-Forgotten cocktails, which still appeared on our bill (they did take them off tho)
-Forgotten dessert; they comped us this one.
-Wine ordered with dinner came about 10 mins. after entrees
-Didn't ask us if we wanted coffee or drinks after dinner, and even after being asked, couldn't get a second cup of coffee.

We were wondering if the fact that our large party already had the tip included, and also that more than half of our party got the fixe menu, meant that they didn't feel the need to provide good service? The place wasn't all that full, and plenty of floor staff seemed to be hanging around in the front of the house. Anyone had similar experiences at Bacco or other places with the Summer specials?

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  1. We popped in there late one Sunday evening and had the identical experience. Very solid in the food area, but my DH was so aggrivated with the lack of service, in a mostly empty restaurant, that it ruined the experience for him.

    I will say the lobster ravioli is simply wonderful.

    1. that was my experience a couple years back -- good food, service meh. we had inexperienced kids serving us (and im only in my early 30s), not what id expect.

      the bbq shrimp is also my fav/tie w/ mr. b's. bacco uses abita amber reduction, i dont believe mr. b's does.

      1. It's been rightly pointed out that the service industry took a serious hit after Katrina. Most people understood this, and were willing to cut local restaurants slack in the first couple of years following the storm.

        Four years after Katrina, shoddy service is still a problem. Perhaps the time has come for restaurants to start paying more attention to the quality of their staff.

        1. Same here, for what it's worth. We limit our trips there to lunch, which seems to fare a little better from the service end of things. Last couple of special dinners we went for showed staff sort of aimlessly milling about and no appreciable order to the whole thing we could see.