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Aug 9, 2009 06:50 AM

island foods

after the beer festival, i was to king/dufferin and noticed that Island Foods was still open.
I am a huge fan of New York Subway and always wanted to compare roti's.
So I asked the waitress was was a favorite and she said the "vegetable and chick pea, mixed together".
A few minutes later, my tin foil packet arrived.
The vegetable is really chopped cabbage and I cant say I was fond of it. I ordered it with a hot sauce which indeed gave it flavor. BUT.
It was greasy - thats for sure,.
Saying that, it was alos good value as well (I think it was $5.29 with tax and a substantial folded roti.).
Im glad I tried it, but will head back to New York Subway in the future.

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  1. I've always wanted to try NYSubway but it's never been convenient. I thought NYS had burritos--not roti? I also enjoy Island Foods veg roti when the spinach is available (I go to the one up on Don Mills and sometimes they don't have all the menu items). Just curious (and I know I should probably start another thread to ask) but what veg options do you enjoy at NYS?

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      I always eat the spinach one at the Island Foods location on Don Mills. Although it is salty, I haven't found it greasy. I usually try to console myself against whatever unhealthy ingredients the roti contains by focusing on the huge amount of spinach I'm eating.

      1. re: Full tummy

        ive been ordering the "mixed veg" roti at NY Subway for several years.
        Im addicted..its filling, fresh and never oily!! I keep their number on my cell phone so I can place my order in advance and just pick it up quickly.
        I shouldnt compare it to Island Foods...coz its a different style but I did!!
        I might try another location of Island Foods and try the spinach. Cant harm, right?

        1. re: domesticgodess

          Sounds very good--and good idea re ordering in advance!

      2. re: Ediblethoughts

        nys serves item in sub buns, tortillas or rotis (i guess? i've never gotten it in a roti shell). i tend to go for the tortillas and the best bets for me are the lamb, eggplant and cauliflower... all together, completely separate or mix and match depending on your mood. i've found that ordering the eggplant and getting some lamb mixed in only costs a couple bucks and you get quite the bountiful rolled sandwich. it's not really refined... everything comes with basic sub toppings (lettuce tomato, onion, etc) but it's a really tasty cheap fill. i wouldn't go for the steak, just not worth it and too chewy!

        1. re: pinstripeprincess

          Silly question I'm sure--but are any of the three NYS "outers" whole grain?

      3. I like their spicy shrimp roti with hot sauce. It is so good. And a ginger beer with it just amps up the spice. I used to live around King & Dufferin and have tried all the rotis but the shrimp one is my fave.

        1. i love the boneless chicken, adding spinach to it gives it a wicked yum flavour.

          Where is ny subway?

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          1. I only once tried Island Foods many decades ago and it was at the King and Dufferin location. I have had lots of Jamaican food over the years at many locations, but my one visit there is pure and simple --- you would think that ordering a Roti that the menu or they would tell you there were bones in the chicken!!! Agter all a Roti is essentially a sandwich or wrap and I know bones give food flavour, but,,,,,,,,,,, hmmmm!!

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              Well, a couple of decades pass, and things have changed. They definitely have a boneless chicken option now.