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The Question: Which Liuzzas is the Greatest Bienville or the Track?

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My vote goes to Liuzzas on Bienville the winner by far with their great Frenchuletta and the fishbowl glasses of cold beer.

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  1. The time-honored question!

    I've got to vote for LBTT for their BBQ shrimp PoBoy, shrimp stew and neighborhood atmosphere; plus it helps that we're only blocks away. LBTT does also have fishbowl glasses.

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    1. re: MidCityGumbo

      Bienville, just because I started going there when I was about three with my dad after his softball games and it's still a place I go to for beers when I am in town.
      I'm not at all impressed with the BBQ shrimp poboy at LBTT

      1. re: roro1831

        I'm with you--my heart belongs to Bienville from of old..glass bricks, stuffed artichokes, schooners, the men's room (done over three times in my life). I'm fond of the track..God knows I have spent some of the most glorious days of my life out there..Liuzzas has been part of that and I am fond of the track version as well. I would never argue against a devotee of The Track..it depns, I think, o where you grew up. It is as I told a Cubs fan in Wrigley one day---I'd think Wrigley the most beautiful ballpark I ever saw....except for the fact that I grew up in Fenway.

    2. its the track for me -- the bbq shrimp poboy is da bomb. had one fri.

      havent found the good food at bienville yet.