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Aug 9, 2009 06:01 AM

Romantic East Village restaurant?

Looking for a place that has excellent food and nice atmosphere. Any recommendations? Degustation?

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  1. How about The Redhead? My wife and I had an excellent meal there during a visit to NYC last month. I think its dark and cozy enough to be considered romantic, although it is fairly casual.

    1. Not Degustation. It's a counter/bar-like setting where you can end up rubbing elbows with the other party and where you can't help but listen to others converse.

      1. Try Aroma on 4th St. Fantastic Italian and very romantic atmosphere.

        Mermaid inn is also very romantic, but the food is spotty.

        If you're looking for a lighter meal, Grape and Grain has great wines, really romantic ambiance, and tasty small bites.

        1. Dieci on 10th, between 2nd and 1st Ave has very good food.

          Pylos has a nice atmosphere as well. I wouldn't call it super romantic, but it's very civilized. Food is great.