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Aug 9, 2009 05:17 AM

What's going on in Westport?!

Spent some time in Westport the other day (after leaving post-divorce several years ago), and was sad to see several of my favorite restaurants are no longer there! What happened to Conte's Fish Market? And Peter's Bridge Market? I was obsessed with their tuna pasta, salad bar, and sandwiches, as well as the convenience of having a house charge account ! I certainly hope Dunville's is still there serving the best eggs benedict in the state!!! Maybe they could bring Peter's Bridge to West Hartford- we need a decent deli here. Ignore the petulance in this posting, it's just hard to see Abbondanza (OUTRAGEOUSLY PRETENTIOUS) thriving and my old favorites gone.

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  1. What kind of deli food are you looking for in WH?

    1. Oh My. I hadn't heard that Conte's left. I went recently. The website does have a quick blurb saying "Coming Soon to Westport Inn." but the site is still up? Perhaps you should post this in the Tri-state Board and you'd get better insider information. Further digging looks like it confirms that it is now at Westport Inn. See this link:

      Wasn't the Spyglass at Westport Inn?

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        Peters bridge market sucked toward the end of it's stay here. It became the kind of place where they would cut your sandwich in half right after slicing a tuna sandwich with the same knife. Peter's food quality also had been slipping for years. 15-20 years ago it was very good.

        Conte's was overpriced. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING was ala carte.

        How are the burgers at Dunville's?

      2. whats pretentious about Abbondanza?

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          Well if Peter's, Dunville's and Conte's are the OP's goto places then pretty much anything else in Westport could be perceived as "pretentious"!
          The best eggs benedict in the state at Dunville's? Yikes...maybe the OP needs to come back and check out some of our newer restaurants!
          Conte's has recently re-opened at the Westport Inn...although I wouldn't bet on it lasting in that location.

          1. re: sibeats

            Ha! I told y'all that I haven't lived there in years- I was young and (relatively) poor, but I liked a variety of restaurants, and I liked that the town offered a variety of places to choose from. I just hated what I saw as a trend towards more "pretentious" type restaurants. I like to just go from the beach or the boat and not have to put on my "good clothes" to go out to eat. I accept your challenge to come back and try some new places. Can you suggest five restaurants that you feel best reflect the town's current culinary scene?

            1. re: CTburgerlover

              Thanks for the update, and the new places opening. I'll be traveling to New York on the train about 1/month, and I will make a point of trying some of your new suggestions. BTW- I always liked Zapatas and the Black Duck, but, then, you might have guessed that by my original post... Is Splash still there? The outside patio bar was a nice place to have a drink (and, no, I never thought it was pretentious- except for some of the waitstaff...and some of the patrons...). Is Le Farm going to focus on seasonal and locally grown food? Or maybe that's a trend that's already passed in Fairfield County. Personally, it does make sense. I appreciate the update.

              1. re: stuck in Hartford County

                Sorry to hear about the Hartford move.

                Anyway, 'Viva's" is a place for youngsters to get hellacious hangovers, not for dining.

                "The Duck" is hard to get a table at and not all that much fun anymore now that it's been featured on the Food Network's redneck restaurant show.

                Splash is still there. Conte's began to suck prior to closing, and then re-opening, I believe, in the Westport Inn.

                Peter's Bridge began to suck prior to it closing, and also had severe cleanliness and sometimes, freshness issues.

                A place called Rizutto's is opening in the old Conte's spot, with a monthly rent of 25k and fairly overpriced and from what I hear disappointing Italian food, from what I hear on the street, they haven't got a chance.

        2. I totally agree with you re: Abbondanza (OUTRAGEOUSLY PRETENTIOUS). Over the last two years we have tried to go three times, each time being turned away by the male owner. Instead of going home, three of us arrived at 5:15 only to be told that we couldn't sit there and drink wine before their 5:30 opening. very haughty. The other two times two of us showed up without reservations at 6pm and although the place was still empty, he turned us's all in his pretentious manner because I've heard the food was good...

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          1. re: foodpulse

            maybe the reason you guys all think abbondanza is pretentious is because you haven't gotten to know anyone there. I've known the owners and the guys behind the counter since i was 12, and they still remember me even though i'm only back in westport every six months or so. They're hilarious and Jamie works hard to keep things running smooth. If sandwiches is really your thing, try winfield's in Norwalk, still the best deli sandwich I've ever had in my life, blows the bridge market out of the water even when they were at their top quality. Splash is still a great place to go for dinner. I've always been a fan of Tutti's (Pasquale and Mari are wonderful people) and it's good to see that they're finally taking off within the community.

            1. re: johnny934

              You were only 12 when Abbondanza opened?! OMG. I feel so OLD. Winfield Deli has been around forever, and is a pretty good deli. I'm surprised Splash is still there- they were quite a few things during the mid 80's. Glad to hear they still exist- it's a lovely spot. Tutti? I have to check it out. Sorry. I still think Peter's Bridge was all that. Especially since I could use a house charge there (monthly bills mailed to mom and dad!) and rocked the tuna salad/salad bar in the mid-80's. The actual building smelled.

          2. Glad to have sparked some Westport restaurant discussion, and happy to have some new places to try. Thanks.

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            1. re: stuck in Hartford County

              I agree about Abbondonza. Went to get a sandwich and they have this thing, they don't make sandwiches to order (I'm talking individual hero here, not Superbowl party-sized). They make one kind of sandwich, and you can buy it or not. Then it was explained that if it were early enough in the day and if the guy was there and wasn't too busy, that maybe, MAYBE he would make you a sandwich to order. Or not. Depending.