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Aug 8, 2009 11:52 PM

Blackstrap Molasses

Can someone pls tell me what are "blackstrap molasses" called in Hindi? From the dictionary, I was only able to get the word "Raab" which no one seems to know of here.

Also I couldn't find any "brown rice syrup" here. Does anyone know the Hindi name and where it is available? Online links will do.

I went to the biggest departmental store in my area and there too they didn't know about molasses, they only had some "date syrup".

Same thing happened for cider vinegar, tho normal vinegar was available. How can I make cider vinegar at home? How is cider vinegar different from usual vinegar?

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  1. blackstrap खांड़
    चावल सिरप
    are what google translate shows. I have no idea if these are correct or how to pronounce them. Maybe print them out and show them to someone?

    From what I understand cider vinegar is made from fruit (often apples) and "regular" vinegar is from grains.

    1. I'm not sure where you're writing from but I would expect that most chain grocery stores carry blackstrap molassas and cider vinegar. Try asking an older staff person - someone who looks like they cook! As for the brown rice syrup try health food stores. Good luck.

      1. I'm useless for the first questions, but you could probably make the cider vinegar at home easily enough if you can get your hands on some apple cider and a mother. You can order a vinegar mother on the net, if you can't eventually find a bottle of unpasteurized cider vinegar to use as a starter.

        1. We've been down this road before... Forget the department / grocery stores in India for these items. In the local market you'll find molasses: it comes from sugar cane and is dark black brown. I don't remember what it's called, but every sugar seller had it while I was in India.

          Cider vinegar, is made from apples and probably not widely available in India you could sub in malt vinegar ie 'English Chip vinegar' (fish and chips).


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            Do mean to say that the "Gur: we get here in all general stores is molasses? It is made out of sugarcan by boiling etc. It's available in brown color but I think black one is also available. But I think that's called brown sugar.

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              Gur or jaggery is concentrated molasses and sugar crystals that haven't been seperated yet. If you are cooking with or eating Jaggery / Gur, then you are getting all the benefits of Molasses.

              In the west they take Gur and refine out the sugar, stripping it of the minerals etc.


          2. It would help to know where you are shopping, and why you are seeking these items. It would make a big difference whether you are shopping in India, UK, Canada, or USA.

            In the UK (black) treacle is the equivalent to molasses. In the USA unsulfured molasses is easier to find than blackstrap. Blackstrap is too bitter for many people. Jaggery may be the closest Indian equivalent, though it is usually a semisolid, as opposed to liquid. But as you found there are other sweet syrups such as from dates and palms.

            Brown rice syrup is a creation of the modern 'health foods' industry in the US. It's a manufactured item, akin to corn syrup. It is not widely used in American cooking. The only brand I've seen in US groceries comes from a California 'organic' rice grower

            Cider vinegar is vinegar grown in apple juice. Especially in moderation, one vinegar can be substituted for another, though you need to watch out for the acidity. Many US vinegars are diluted to specified acidity. According to a 'Indian grocery book', some Indian vinegars are made from coconut-palm sap, others from cane syrup. Those should be perfectly good substitutes.

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              Based on previous questions from the OP he is in India.

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                I'm in Mumbai as rightly said by legourmetty.

                Why I want these items?


                Blackstrap molasses - To put in a homemade powergel. Blackstrap molasses contain the electrolytes and nutrients for the stressed body. Blackstrap molasses is one of the most nutritious food items around; chock full of calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, and other vitamins and minerals..

                Brownrice syrup - The energy derived from brown rice syrup is

                50% complex carbohydrates 2 to 3 hours to be absorbed

                45% maltose absorbed in about 1.5 hours

                3% glucose absorbed into the bloodstream immediately

                This release of energy over a long period of time is exactly what survivors are looking for in a power gel. But that's not all. Brown rice syrup is very healthy for you as it is made up of easily digested simple sugars.

                Cider vinegar - For wrapping up cheese to stay nice for a longer time, when not refrigerated.

                If you could tell me some substitutes for these, it will help for sure.

                1. re: unknownwarrior

                  I'd suggest looking up molasses on Wiki. There are two forms that I amware of. One is the liquid that is left over after most of the sugar is extracted. This is a concentration of the all the non-sucrose components of the cane juice, and can be rather bitter. The other is the concentrated cane juice without removing the sugar. I use (in the USA) Grandma's brand of unsulfured molasses in baking, which is this later form. The mineral concentration in the former is probably stronger, but so is the taste.

                  I'm aware that brown rice syrup is widely used in energy bars and gells, but I haven't paid attention to the claims about its nutritional value. I just assumed it was used because companies like Cliff are into all things organic and natural. In any case you probably won't find it in India unless someone is trying to supply powergell manufactures elsewhere.

                  Glucose is a simple sugar that can be obtained by splitting sucrose (cane sugar). The English Golden Syrup is just such an 'invert sugar', a mix of sucrose, glucose, and fructose. American corn syrup is mostly glucose. Straight glucose can be produced from other starches including potato and wheat. There probably are producers of that in India, though I don't know if any is sold to the public. In the US small quantities of glucose (also called dextrose) are sold in pharmacies as a quick energy source for diabetics and assist in taking some medicines. Larger quantities are used by candy makers and bakers for cake frosting.

                  Maltose is a sugar composed of two glucose bound together. As the name implies, it is frequently produced by sprouting grain like barley and drying it to make malt. That is the starting point for beer. I believe Horlicks malt powder is popular in India.

                  For the cheese, any neutral flavored vinegar will retard mold. It does not have to be cider.

                  1. re: paulj

                    Paulj. thanks a lot for the suggestions. They'll be very useful to me.
                    It will work for sure if I mix the sugars and other things suggested.