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BEST Cookies

I am going to order some cookies/ dessert bars for a party. What are your favorite cookie places/bakeries? I'm not picky as to type, as long as they're really yummy, I'm not really interested in italian cookies. Would prefer to stay in bklyn but would head to manhattan.

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  1. The absolute BESTcookies to be found anywhere in the 5 boroughs are not in B'klyn or Manh. They're in SI at the Cake Chef Bakery or it's other location, The Cookie Jar. You may not want to travel that far but you asked about the BEST not the closest or most convenient.

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      Have been to the Cookie Jar on occasion (an indulgence when I'm at nearby Bennett's bike shop) and can affirm the goodness of the chocolate chip cookies, the only variety I've tried.

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        ".....and can affirm the goodness of the chocolate chip cookies, the only variety I've tried."

        I get my 'fix' at the Cake Chef location and I have yet to find a variety I DON'T like. :-)
        I'm especially fond of the chocolaty, nut cookies with the fudge-like dollop of chocolate on top.

    2. In Brooklyn, the cookies at Betty Bakery (Atlantic near Nevins) and One Girl Cookie (Dean near Smith) are both pretty good. One Girl Cookies are more unusual and presented beautifully, but are priced accordingly. Betty makes more classic butter cookies by the pound, but they are lovely and meltingly delicious.

      1. Check out Baked, in Red Hook: http://bakednyc.com/

        (Many of) The cookies and bars they serve at Tazza in Brooklyn Heights are from Baked, and you may be able to arrange to get a large order through Tazza, though it would undoubtedly be cheaper to go straight to the source.

        1. Thanks so much. Tay, I've never heard of the SI place but it's actually pretty convenient b/c i'm in bay ridge. i'll have to check it out. i'll have to check out one girl and baked as well.

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            "I've never heard of the SI place but it's actually pretty convenient b/c i'm in bay ridge. i'll have to check it out"
            What happens on SI usually stays on SI, but some of us are willing to share. :-)
            I'm munching on one of their brownie bites right now... So, so delicious.!
            Oddly enough, although BR has some outstanding restaurants, I've never really found great cookies. Good eclairs at Your Baker, great NY style cheesecake and lobster tails at Angelo's and delicious creampuffs at a bakery on 13th ave in the 80's (the name escapes me: Maybe it's Mona Lisa?) but no really great cookie bakeries.
            Hey! Maybe you'll be the 'Hound that finds one..

          2. I have has some wondderful cookie platters from Lassen &Hennig on Montague Street They are all butter, made in their own bakery, and the cookies are sold by the pound or in platters in different sizes ready for serving at a party.

            They have a catering department for info and orders Call the regular number and wait for the prompt to "catering" or "bakery".

            1. Narala Bakery, Coney Island Avenue just above Cortelyou, makes amazing cardomon-scented salted butter cookies, others with almond, pistachio. Always fresh. All $6 a pound.

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                guide boy
                "......amazing cardomon-scented salted butter cookies,"

                Funny how tastes differ so much. To me they have a perfume-like, almost soapy taste.

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                  Actually, I misspoke. They're cumin-scented. I take it you don't like them. To me, sublime.

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                    "I take it you don't like them. To me, sublime"

                    Nope. Noy a fan but I can appreciate that many others are. :-).

              2. Terrific cookies at Artopolis, a Greek bakery in Astoria on 31st St. just below 23rd Ave. (near Ditmars station). Also fabulous cookies at Laziza of NY Pastry Shop, a Levantine/Arab bakery on Steinway north of 28th St., also in Astoria.