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Aug 8, 2009 08:15 PM

pleae also recommand some good wonton place and chinese supermarkets?

Please recommand places for best shrimp wonton , and big supermarkets where i can find good price for seafood , and also fresh fry chinese fritter, thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Here is a reference thread for wonton place, I don't think you will have much luck finding a good one here :

    For chinese fritter, here is a good thread :

    Big supermarket for seafood is a easy one, you can go to T&T.

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    1. re: skylineR33

      thank you skylineR33, I am new to this board, I had read some of the older suggest you, charles yu and other board team great offer, they all , sound very interesting, and I would like to try all of them, me and friends love to eat at place where they have wok hay dish. can you suggest more place to eat and what would the best dish to order??? thank you so much, waiting for you all reply!!! oh, at a decent price..

      1. re: may2

        You are welcomed. Similar to Fantasy Eatery, there are Tanchikee, Maple Yip, Big Mouth Kee, Royal Chinese (避風塘小炒). .... I am sure you will find many recommendation of them in this board, try to search for them.

    2. Kill two birds with one stone! T&T at Milliken and Steeles has a wonton noodle joint in the food court thats pretty good and features 'freshly fried fritters'!. Afterwards you can do your grocery shopping next door!

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        thank you, by the way, do you know t& t has rock snail? or please tell me a place where I can eat rock snail? thank you!

        1. re: may2

          They should have. If not, try 'Foody Mart' south of Steeles on Warden.

          1. re: may2

            New Ho King on Spadina in Chinatown has rock snail in black bean sauce on the menu. A very popular dish there.

            1. re: ace123

              thank you sooo!!! much for the suggestion, i can't wait to try them.