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Aug 8, 2009 06:56 PM

Red Velvet Cake

Where can I order a Red Velvet cake? I need names of bakeries ideally in downtown area. I'm staying on Market and 4th Street.

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    1. re: wolfe

      The bakery is closed the week of 8/16/09 for vacation. Can you recommend another place?

      1. re: joisey al

        maybe the bakery can recommend another source

    2. Not that I'd recommend it, but I think you could order one from Eppler's, which is half a block down Market. (415) 392-0101

      For a better cake, try DeLessio's, a few stops up Market on the SF Muni Metro subway. (415) 552-5559

      1. Baked
        1415 18th St
        (415) 826-9455

        1. I've been wanting to try Prailines by Yvonne -- her Red Velvet Cakes are award winning. I have not yet though, but am looking forward to the occasion when I do!