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Aug 8, 2009 06:39 PM

Providence Ferry to a Lobster Roll

Hi, We will be in Boston for several days and are hoping to make a day trip on the ferry to Providence. While there (without a car) we would like to have a good (but not super expensive) lobster roll, preferably (though not necessarily) in a place by the sea. We do not want to take a taxi or bus; we will be walking all over Commercial Street and adjoining areas and hope to have it there. What would you recommend? Also, let us know if the place is open for early dinner or if we can only do lunch.

Also, we may want to stop elsewhere and are esp interested in Portuguese food in the same area (Commercial Street/walking all around here). Again, what would you recommend?

Thanks heaps for your help!

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  1. Do you maybe mean Provincetown? A boat trip from Boston to Providence would be very long indeed.

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      Oops, how did I mistype that one!?! I sure do mean Provincetown. I can't figure out how to edit it either, but I will try, or report. Thanks Gin n Tonic!