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Aug 8, 2009 06:21 PM

Tried El Cactus tonight in Souderton, anyone know about the other places to eat around there?

After reading some recommendations that El Cactus was better than the new place at Montgomeryville Mall we took a drive, found the little place in the strip mall and only spent $40.00 with tip for 2 entrees, 2 sodas, and a dessert.

Service was good, the place was small but cute and clean, it is no El Serape or Tamarind but for the price we thought it was great. I had chicken enchaladas served with yummy rice and DH has a trio of items dish and fried ice cream for dessert and complimentary margaritas. The chips and salsa were good and the waitress offered more but we did not want to fill up on chips.

We drove around and saw some other cute little places in Souderton like the Caboose Grill that had outdoor seating with alot of people dining and a place called Caruso's. There were alot of other non-chain places that looked nice from the outside. Anyone try of these places or have any others to suggest up there?

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  1. So glad you liked El Cactus LowergwyneddGirl! I have a hard time ordering anything other than the beef chimichanga "hot" (hot means you get guacamole on top) as I am so addicted to them. In cooler weather sometimes I get the tortilla soup. I love their flan but I always end up getting it to go because I'm so full. Last time I went with John he got a tamale and I got to try it. Very delicious. The R and S Keystone Diner is nearby in Telford. They close at eight though. I have been going to the R and S for years, but lately I have been on a seafood kick there, getting the broiled salmon or tilapia and sometimes the fried haddock for lunch. Right now the french fried eggplant is one of the most popular veggies on the menu. They give you a lot and they always sell out of the eggplant early. Even in steamy august their soups are hard to resist. Had one of my favorites last week, chicken pot pie soup. Darn! Now I'm hungry!