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Aug 8, 2009 06:17 PM

What to do with blue corn?

I saw a bag of dried blue corn and was intrigued, so couldn't resist buying it. But now that I've got it home, what do I do with it? The kernels are small, like regular yellow corn. Can I reconstitute it and use it as a replacement for hominy in something like posole? Any ideas??

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  1. I know that Passadumkeg and Scargod recently "fixed" blue corn tortillas with their dinner. I don't know if they made them or bought them. Maybe they'll weigh in.

      1. I've had posole with blue corn a few times. While tasty - although I could tell a difference - it was not the pretties dish I ever saw. Looked kinda dirty.

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          Oops, should have said that I COULDN'T tell a difference.

        2. To make posole right, you'd have to soak the corn kernals in the "lime water" solution for a couple days to get the masa flavor; otherwise it's just "corn".

          Grinding it into blue corn flour for making cornbread or homade tortillas would be a good thing. Use your food processor...