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Aug 8, 2009 05:05 PM

Sydney and Cairns/Port Douglas

We're leaving in a week for Australia. We're looking for a good coffee shop and good seafood (casual or fancy.) We have been to Tetsuya already. We like laksa and fish & chips. Our goal is to find the places that stick in your mind, whether it's street food or high end. A good coffee shop is a must!

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    1. re: mr_gimlet

      Sorry for the delay...utter chaos trying to get ready. We'll be in Palm Cove, Cairns, Port Douglas and Sydney (Four Seasons).

    2. Sydney

      Fish : Either Watsons bay or Le Kiosk at Shelly beach near Manly both offer an enjorably ferry ride getting there if its a nice day.

      For Le Kiosk walkt acroos the esplanade to the other side of manly then turn right and and follow the water/path till you get to another sandy spot.

      Reccomend the Beer Battered John Dory. Thats what was reccomended to me and I absolutley loved it even though Im not really than into fish.

      Another alternative is Flying fish which alot of people usually talk about

      And then theres always the sydney fish markets. Somewhat less salubrious, but can be quite good if you want volume, and not too bad either

      In regards to coffee you will find many places, but in the below Time out review gives a good guide

      In it I would personally reccomend Mecca, The Wall cafe, and Single Origin. Single Origin always seems to have alot of people around & the wall cafe is near to there if you want to do two in a row!


      1. Hi
        For Port Douglas totally recommend either Salsa - great vibe, fantastic seafood jambalya, award winning cuisine and good prices - or "On the Inlet" -great seafood - a bit pricier than Salsa but amazing setting on the water and gets an incredible sunset view.

        am very jealous - port douglas is just fantastic!!
        ps great coffee to be had at Rehab

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        1. re: food fascist

          Fantastic! I always think that you can face any challenge with a good cup of coffee in you. That hopefully counts for scuba diving (I'm new at it!)