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Aug 8, 2009 05:00 PM

Good eats near Harvard Square area? Please recommend some of your yummy faves

Hi Chowhounders,
Hoping to get your expert feedback on this.

Looking for some good dining options, and staying near Harvard Square. Hoping for some places that aren't too pricey (hopefully with some main entrees no more than $20-28 range).

It's been a while since I lived in Boston (as a student). Needless to say, only went to the cheapest places then, when I wasn't cooking Ronzoni at home. :) So not as familiar with the 'grown up' dining options., especially in Cambridge :)

Hoping you can recommend some yummy options. Italian (mmm, homemade pasta), English, American, Southern, Eclectic, Cajun, Greek, French, Seafood, Mexican, etc. Looking more for dinner, but am sure will need some lunch type options as well. I've been looking over the boards but haven't found one yet that was very specifically only for this area yet.

Really appreciate your help with figuring this out. Thank you for taking the time to share.

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  1. We like Veggie Planet at Club Passim in Harvard Sq. and Asmara Ethiopian/Eritrean in Central Square.

    1. Sandrine's (esp. the flatbreads), the bar at Chez Henri (esp. the cubano and Periodistas), the Monday Club at Upstairs on the Square, Garden at the Cellar. For lunch, Hi-Rise or Veggie Planet.

      1. Garden at the Cellar, Oggi Pizza in Holyoke Center @ Harvard.

        1. one stop past harvard square, a few minutes from porter, is annapurna, which serves tibetan and afghani food. reasonable prices and delicious.

          one stop before, in central square, is central kitchen which serves a mediterranean type menu and wine mark-ups are absurdly low.

          you can also do pretty well at casablanca for "middle eastern".

          both upstairs on the square and rialto are a bit higher than your price range but have numerous prix-fixe and small plates options.

          don't know when you're visiting, but this week and next are restaurant week, and many places are offering that deal for the month.

          1. there is a hidden gem on JFK street (toward the river)called Shays Pub. IT is wine and beer only but the selections are really sophisticated. THe food while appearing to be pub grub from first glance is also better than average. It is a nice, cool atmosphere with a small outside patio. We love the hummus plate, the burgers are delish and their prosecco is one of the best bottles for the price. You will not break the bank here and will feel real comfortable.