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Aug 8, 2009 04:44 PM

Lobster: steamed, boiled or broiled?? (Montauk)

Hi I am off to Montauk for the week and plan to have lobster one night in a restaurant. Already have many tips on where to go (thanks 'hounds!) but sometimes they ask if you want it steamed, boiled or even broiled. What is the diff? I think I have only had it boiled, to my knowledge.

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  1. The meat will taste basically the same, but I've never been asked this at a restaurant. Steaming is easiest and I think most seafood restaurants go with this method. They can hold it for quite a while then. Broiling is usually when it has a further prep, like stuffing. Might be a little drier if they don't watch it.

    So let us know where you end up!