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Looking for Vegetarian or Vegan options in Portland and Kenneburnkport areas

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We will be in Portland for lunch on a Monday. The one vegetarian restaurant I easily found on line that looked great, Green Elephant, is closed Mondays! Any other suggestions?

We will be staying in the Kennebunkport area for a few days, so need some vegan and vegetarian options for lunch and dinner - within about a 10 mile radius.

Restaurants don't need to be all veggie, but I'd like places with lots of choices on the menu.

thank you!

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  1. The White Barn Inn used to have a vegetarian tasting. We went ther years ago and it was good, pricey, beautiful place.

    1. Pepperclub on Middle Street: http://www.pepperclubrestaurant.com

      1. I second Pepperclub - lots of vegetarian options. Not sure about how extensive their vegan offerings are.

        Also check out Green Elephant in Portland which seems popular on this Board. I have never been there.

        1. Bandaloop in Kennebunkport has vegetarian and vegan options.


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            I second both Pepperclub in Portland and Bandaloop in Kennebunk. Was glad to have made reservations at Bandaloop, they were packed last time I went.

          2. thank you all for your suggestions!!