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Brunch with an Ocean View

I have some family coming in from Illinois, and I'd like to take them for Sunday brunch somewhere with a spectacular ocean view. I like the patio at Geoffrey's, as you can't beat the view. However, the food is kinda "meh", and also on the pricey side.

Are there any ocean view locations with decent brunch food, but also won't break the bank? And if I have to spend a lot, then I'd at least like good food! Somewhere between Malibu and Santa Monica would be great.

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  1. Perhaps the Lobster.

    The Lobster
    1602 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401

    1. We like the Lobster too. Another potential winner is the Sunday brunch at Duke's in Malibu.


      Duke's Malibu
      21150 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265

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        How's the food at Duke's brunch? I'm not usually a fan of buffets....

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          If you don't like buffet style brunch then I would say it's not the place for you. I think they have a nice brunch, but this is not the 4 Season's or one of the other $65 + pp places you can find in the greater LA area that sets the standard for high end brunch quality.

      2. Or perhaps, the Penthouse at The Huntley Hotel...

        1111 2nd St Santa Monica, CA 90403


        1. not cheap but went to trump not too long ago and food was very good and view was spectacular!

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              The new hotel Terranea is just up the road from Trump, I have been hearing very good reviews from some of the locals.

          1. One Pico.

            Or, for something a bit different, how about the Dining Room at the Getty Center?

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              One Pico is good. More reasonable with same view/location is the downstairs restaurant called "Coast". I actually prefer it to OP.

              Cafe del Rey in Marina del Rey is excellent.

            2. Go to the Hermosa beach pier or Manhattan beach. Lots of places on or near the water there and more down to earth than Santa Monica/Malibu, then go walk out on the pier. Just did that with some out of towners and they loved it.

              1. Best kept secret in LA: The Sunset on Westward Beach road (on Zuma). FANTASTIC food with new chef and right on the beach. The downstairs is a bistro style restaurant with NOTHING OVER $20! and upstairs is a secret sort of special dining room with an expensive and amazing menu. They have very exclusive wine dinners up there at times. It's the most northern point of the SM bay, so in whale season, you get a show. Place has a fun celebrity (and sorted) past. Must go.

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                  We went last year for brunch, it was okay, nothing spectacular. Maybe they've improved now?

                2. Try Catch at the Casa del Mar - excellent crudo & sushi bar.

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                    Agree that Catch is far superior, but does it do a brunch? Although its a hotel restaurant I'm not sure that it does breakfast or brunch. If so, I'll be first in line.

                  2. All of the suggestions you've received so far have been great and this may not be quite what you're looking for, but I figure I'll throw it out there just in case. My new favorite place to take the midwestern visiting family is Figtree on the Venice boardwalk. It's very reasonable, the food is yummy and the view isn't so much "specatacular ocean" as fascinating people watching with ocean in the background. Always provides interesting brunch conversation : )

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                      FIG in the Sheraton Fairmount, SM may not be on the other side of Ocean Blvd, but I hear their food is very good.