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Fantastic Curry Roti - Ghandi on Queen West

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I was walking past this tiny little store on Queen St W justEast of Bathurst.when I decided to stop in in for a snack at Ghandi Indian Food . It looked a little shabby but the smell was great . Iordered a lamb roti $ 8 95 . I opened the little silver take out container and was absolutelly impressed by the roti. It was large enough to share , served very hot(temp) . The lamb was extremlly tender and the curry gravy with a slight tomatoe breidi taste was delicious. I have not been so satisfied with a "fast food meal like this for a long time . I will goback every time I am in the area

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  1. I've been meaning to try this place out as my co-worker raves about the rotis here. I've heard its very busy. Is it true that you have to wait 45 minutes for your order? Do you know what their hours are?


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      went yesterday.... ordered at the counter, and it took about 15 minutes to get my butter chicken roti. i have to say i was quite disappointed. the portion was large and fresh, true. that's the good part. but the flavours were way off. twice as much salt as it needed, and almost no sweetness or cardamom flavour -- two things i consider key to butter chicken. i'm still going to try it again though. FYI, it says on their door that they're closed on weekends.

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        so, I went back and got the lamb roti this time. way way way better! in fact, delicious! DO NOT get the butter chicken -- it's overpriced and oversalted. DO get the lamb roti!

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        As far as I know, they are open on Saturdays, closed on Sundays. Usually open at 11 or 11:30. It's my favourite roti (different than the West Indian style, which is delish in its own right). I've never had to wait 45 mins, but haven't gone during rush times. You can always call your order in ahead of time, since it's likely you're going to get take out anyway. As much as I love Ghandi (and I usually order 6 or 8 rotis at a time and freeze them), I would never eat in. Absolutely zero atmosphere. :) BTW, I always already chicken with cauliflower, medium hot. It's not the on the menu, but they do subs on request, with a surcharge.

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          Ghandi Roti is definitely closed on weekends (though I believe this is a recent change). Was there last night, and the door sign read "closed" on Saturday and Sunday. Sad because I really could have gone for the mutter paneer roti (my absolute FAVORITE! )

      3. Love this place and always look forward to taking newbies there. Others can debate about quality and authenticity, but to me it's fantastic. Be forewarned; if you order something hot (spice) it's extremely so. Made that mistake once and though I consider myself a spice lover, had to tap out mid-meal.

        1. this is my favorite place in town for roti, even if it's not the more traditional carribean roti. i always get a medium chicken, as even though i'm pretty good with spice, the hot is VERY hot. since last summer or so i believe, they have been closed on weekends, unfortunately.

          bonus tip: the day old roti they have is always spectacular as the flavors develop even more as leftovers. and, it's a dollar or two less to boot!

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            Haven't eaten there in 2 years, tried to stop in last week, but the line-up was out the door. I have a feeling it's more popular than ever (which is shocking, as it was always busy)

            Medium Butter Chicken. Mmmmmmmmmm.

          2. I like spicy, but at Gandhi mild medium, is the spiciest I order, and frankly, recommend mild. We used to order quite frequently, our favorite roti's being Chicken Jalfrezi and Mutter Paneer, but it sits pretty heavy the day after, so we're hitting Gandhi less frequently these days.

            Must order before 10pm sharp on weekdays. Closed weekends.

            Gandhi Cuisine
            554 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V2B5, CA

            1. Their butter chicken roti is the best!

              1. Quite often a group of us in the office ( about 20 ) will place an order and cab it from downtown TO to pickup. I usually get the lamb or butter chicken extra spicy and don't find it that hot. About 5 others in the group usually get extra spicy as well.

                1. The regular chicken roti isn't so great. Will have to try one of the deluxe/special rotis. Anyone try the saag paneer roti?

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                    the saag paneer roti is usually what I get, and it is amazing! Lots of spinach, and surprisingly good amount of paneer.....i usually go for medium, which isnt too spicy...

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                      Just curious.
                      Why is Ghandi crowded, and Mother India is not?

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                        Location, nearby competition and relative size. If Mother India was the same size as Ghandi it would be relatively packed.

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                          You have a point
                          Parkdale is loaded with good Roti shops, and unfortunately little else worth eating.
                          For the few who are unaware, Mother India and Ghandi are the same owners, and the Roti are basically identical.

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                          re:Why is Ghandi crowded, and Mother India is not?

                          That's life, I guess. I was at Taste of the Danforth over the weekend and there would be two stalls next to each other selling the same food, with the same setup, etc. One had massive lines and the other virtually none.

                          My partner wanted some lamb and I said let's go to the no line up guy but she wanted to go into the long line up as she said he must be good based on the line!!!

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                            Haha... that's the hurd effect. Everyone wants to be where everyone is. 4 sets of doors, everyone crowds to one set.

                            I had no idea Mother India was the same... that's great info and now I'm going to go try it! Anyone know the hours? I assume they're open on the weekend?

                    2. There are tons of posts about Gandhi on this board, regarded generally as the best in the city. I've tried a few things and all fantastic. The butter chicken is actually a favourite, so I'm surprised there's mention that it wasn't good.



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                        it's not good butter chicken, that's why! everything's a matter of opinion, but it's among the most weak-flavoured and oversalted i've had.