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Aug 8, 2009 01:56 PM


Looking for new ideas. What goes in your favorite omelette?

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  1. Cheese and/or mushroom. Hardly original but you did ask.

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      Cheese....I add a little on this one.

      Years ago, there was a Specialty Chain Restaurant in my area called *Le Peep*, who had excellent breakfast options. I ordered a Cream Cheese and Scallion Omelet which everyone at the table thought was a little bizarre. When it came out, everyone had a taste and declared it a winning combination. The cream cheese when melting was......well very creamy and works on a bagel and orks well with eggs too.

      Look at the menu for LePeep....There are some great ideas to be had.

    2. I usually like the works! A variation of these ingredients sometimes find their way into my omelet:
      Sausage, breakfast crumbled, or chorizo
      bacon or ham
      green onion
      spinach, or kale
      home fries

      They are not all together but a variation of these is good. I love to top mine with a homemade salsa, or an avocado salsa sometimes. It's delicious.

      Some other ideas:

      -Greek style with tomatoes, pepperoccinis, feta, and Greek olives.

      -Or a chicken, spinach, bacon and garlic variation sounds good with cubed cream cheese melted into it.

      -Corned beef hash omelet with onions and cheese (maybe Swiss)

      Have fun creating!

      1. A handful of hearts of celery leaf tops + 2:1 ratio of lemon to clove basil leaves. Put all together and chop fine. Add to an egg that has been mixed with a tiny touch of buttermilk. Fry in a little bit of grape seed oil. It's perfect served with a giant cheddar buttermilk biscuit (or two).

        1. -bell peppers

          Basically anything that has a different texture than the eggs, which can get a little monotonous for me. Anything salty is good too!


          1. Meal Omelet - shrimp, mushrooms, bacon bits and a dollop of guacamole