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Looking for new ideas. What goes in your favorite omelette?

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  1. Cheese and/or mushroom. Hardly original but you did ask.

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      Cheese....I add a little on this one.

      Years ago, there was a Specialty Chain Restaurant in my area called *Le Peep*, who had excellent breakfast options. I ordered a Cream Cheese and Scallion Omelet which everyone at the table thought was a little bizarre. When it came out, everyone had a taste and declared it a winning combination. The cream cheese when melting was......well very creamy and delicious.......it works on a bagel and orks well with eggs too.

      Look at the menu for LePeep....There are some great ideas to be had.


    2. I usually like the works! A variation of these ingredients sometimes find their way into my omelet:
      Sausage, breakfast crumbled, or chorizo
      bacon or ham
      green onion
      spinach, or kale
      home fries

      They are not all together but a variation of these is good. I love to top mine with a homemade salsa, or an avocado salsa sometimes. It's delicious.

      Some other ideas:

      -Greek style with tomatoes, pepperoccinis, feta, and Greek olives.

      -Or a chicken, spinach, bacon and garlic variation sounds good with cubed cream cheese melted into it.

      -Corned beef hash omelet with onions and cheese (maybe Swiss)

      Have fun creating!

      1. A handful of hearts of celery leaf tops + 2:1 ratio of lemon to clove basil leaves. Put all together and chop fine. Add to an egg that has been mixed with a tiny touch of buttermilk. Fry in a little bit of grape seed oil. It's perfect served with a giant cheddar buttermilk biscuit (or two).

        1. -bell peppers

          Basically anything that has a different texture than the eggs, which can get a little monotonous for me. Anything salty is good too!



          1. Meal Omelet - shrimp, mushrooms, bacon bits and a dollop of guacamole

            1. Smoked salmon, onions and cream cheese

              1. Spinach, onion, garlic and cheddar cheese. Throw in some crushed fresh pepper and sea salt. Delish!

                1. Lately, I love pico de gallo and feta cheese omelets the best, but will settle for spinach and goat cheese or ham and gruyere. Omelets are a wonderful way to use up the small containers of leftovers in the fridge.

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                    I agree! I love the creations I can make when I discover what ingredients I have left over in the fridge!

                  2. Ratatouille is a good omelette filling and I imagine zucchini cooked with some form of allium, with or without additional vegetables, would also be suitable. But the best egg-and-eggplant combo, IMO, is with Deborah Madison's Stir-Fried Roasted Eggplant.

                    I'll also put leftover Chinese or Thai take-out in an omelet, like Moo Shi, fried rice, or Pad See Yew. It's a good way to stretch a little bit of leftovers into an entree portion, regarless of what sort of leftover (within reason!)

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                      Indeed, left-over Chinese takeout in an omelette makes for a kinda "egg foo young" thing going on. I usually spike it with my own onions, too.

                      My go-to omelette contains brie cheese, smoked salmon and Vidalia onion, with dried or fresh dill. Now, don't go thinking that I have brie and Nova on hand *at home* all the time, I make these omelettes in our restaurant.

                    2. Leftovers of almost any variety. Leftover Italian sausage, peppers, and onion makes a great omelet. Recently we had leftover panzanella so I put it in the skillet, added garlic, and poured the eggs on.

                      Oh, forgot this one: Make a nice, tender omelet. Top with plenty of sliced avocado. Mix up vinegar, S&P, and dijon and pour over all. I go heavy on the vinegar. It tastes like deviled eggs.

                      1. I love avocado in an omelette. Slices or mashed with grated cheese added. Add chopped bacon if desired.

                        I also mix frozen spinach with ricotta, cayenne and garlic.

                        Try adding a dash or sriacha (sp?) to the eggs when beating.

                        Saute zuchinni with olive oil and garlic until nice and brown, add cheese.

                        1. Asparagus with grated parmesan and black pepper. An old "meatless Friday" favorite from my grandmother. Cooked like a frittata with all ingredients mixed in, and served lukewarm, believe it or not.

                          You need to cook the asparagus enough to be fork tender and not stringy. Cut into bite size pieces. In a pinch, my mother and aunts used frozen asparagus because it had the right texture, but I won't touch the stuff unless it is fresh. Frozen can be very watery.

                          1. kimchi, cheddar jack, bacon, sausage, ham, rice, mushrooms, onions, hot green or red peppers, garlic, .....

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                              How do you add the kimchi? Do you actually cook it? I love eating kimchi as a side to most American dishes, but my favorite has to be hot pizza with cold crunchy kimchi on top. I'm thinking cold would be good with omelettes?

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                                Chopped and added just like other ingredients. Sometimes I will add fresh (not sour) kimchi straight from the fridge as a topping.

                            2. Have you tried making the simple french omelette? I love it made in a little bit of butter with a sprinkle of chives. Check out julia child making them over at pbs http://video.pbs.org/video/1167165458...

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                                Yes I have. Seems the simpler the better. This weekend I tried a suggestion from a different post which addressed favorite combination foods. I added sauteed mushrooms and sage and topped w a little provolone. Yum.

                              2. Two favorites. One is diced ham, cheddar cheese and avocado, first encountered at a hotel dining room in Mendocino and frequently copied over the near-forty years since. Other is Ortega canned green chiles, dried off and warmed with a slice of cheese (cheddar or pepper jack) on top of each, then each one rolled up inside a one-egg omelet, two per serving. A smear of sour cream with Pico Pica (hot or taco) drizzled over.

                                1. I love omelettes, and I like pretty much anything in them, but the recent favorite I stumbled across was:
                                  ricotta salata
                                  chanterelle mushrooms

                                  Also, whenever I get bored with my usual ingredients, I just start adding herbs, dill is always yummy, and you can never go wrong with basil, imo.

                                  1. Am mad for caramelized onions deglazed w a touch of balsamic (other than this I'm soooo over balsamic vinegar). It's perfect in the morning when your fridge is bare. A sprinkling of whatever cheese you might have goes nicely. I also like potatoes and onions in an omelet. Pretty pedestrian. . .

                                    1. There are already great ideas here. The only two unique additions I would throw in would be sauteed sour kimchi or a Parsi omelette of ginger, turmeric, cumin, coriander, chilies, tomatoes, onions and cilantro.

                                      1. Salsa & feta go incredibly well in an omelet. I use Frontera brand Jalapeno Cilantro salsa (doesn't taste like cilantro at all); not sure if other types would work as well.

                                        Also grated apples & sharp cheddar. Or apples & brie. Yum.

                                        If I'm eating out (or feeling ambitious), then sauteed onions, bacon, feta, cheddar, and spinach.

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                                            Yes - chives are the sine qua non for any savoury omelet and scrambles too.

                                          2. a la Russe: Onions, smoked salmon in the omelette and a dollop of sour cream and a spoonful of caviar on top.

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                                              That most certainly does it for me! I was going to post smoked salmon, onions, chives, and mascarpone, with a dollop of salmon roe on top (for breakfast).

                                            2. Just made a tasty one for dinner tonight - spinach, sweet red pepper, prosciutto, and gorgonzola - yum!

                                              1. My husband loves chopped turkey, sharp cheddar and chopped broccoli or spinach (plus more cheese) as his #1 requested omelet - for me? Usually bacon. Bacon. Yeah. When I make scrambled eggs I add in leftovers, but the omelet usually gets top shelf fillings. don't ask me why.

                                                1. Try using cream cheese or boursin for the cheese- nice change.