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Nov 7, 2004 08:31 PM

Where are the Best Donuts in Orange County?

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I find donuts like Krispy Kreme & Winchell's to be way over-rated. Can anyone tell me where I could find great donuts in Orange County?

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    Professor Salt

    The Rose's Donuts on PCH in Corona del Mar is pretty good. Standard stuff, but they're generous with the custard in the Boston Creme, and I like that. There are other Rose's locations (noticed one in Costa Mesa on Baker & Bear), but I haven't tried them.

    And while they're not donuts, we tried the beignets at Crescent City in the Tustin Marketplace this weekend on elmomonster's recco. They beignets, right out of the fryer, will satisfy a beignet jones, but they're not the best I've had. The CC ones are kinda tough in a gluteny way, like they use bread flour instead of a softer variety. Still, it's close to where I live, and I'd go back for three beignets and a cafe au lait.

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      The descriptively named OH! THOSE DONUTS located a stone's throw from the Triangle Square Shopping Center on the Costa Mesa/Newport border is old school great.

    2. Surfin' Donuts in San Clemente (on El Camino Real) are certainly worth a try. I prefer them to Krispy Kreme.

      1. Looking for great westside doughnuts.

        1. SPRINGDALE DONUTS, well, that's what I call it. It may or may not be called that... everytime I go there I'm too concerned with getting those sugary pieces of heaven into my mouth to actually remember the name!

          This donut shop makes larger than average (we're not talking texas-sized) donuts, and puts WAY MORE FROSTING on than most places!

          I've said for years now, that if Springdale, Martha's, and Krispy Kreme had an illegitimate donut-child it would rule the world. And yes, that would be my order of preference.

          Springdale Donuts is located just south of the 405 at Springdale exit in Huntington Beach (Not sure about the city, it may be Westminster.)

          My runner up donut shop? MARTHA'S DONUTS at the corner (more or less) of Carson St. and Los Coyotes Diagonal in Lakewood.


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          1. re: FattyBumbalatti

            I couldn't locate a donut shop called Springdale Donuts, however there is a donut shop on Springdale just south of the 22 fwy. called Heidi's Donuts - next to a Thai place and a barber shop, next to a skate rink. Is this the place you mean? Heidi's makes good donuts but the thing that stands out is the clerk (or proprieter's) cute "And one for free!" when you buy a dozen. They do have good buttermilk donuts there.

            There's another place down the road (Donut Storr, I think) which is closer to the on ramp at Westminster Ave. for the 405. Both of these are in (north) Westminster.

            Please check out the name and let us know for sure . . .

            1. re: Joani Macaroni


              Fatty must mean the Donut Storr. Excellent donuts - the best around in my opinion.

              They do a white cake donut topped with a thick, cream cheese type frosting that is really good. VERY sweet. They sell out quick so I can't guarantee they will always be there.

              Good luck!


              1. re: HB_Jeff

                Thanks Jeff - I'm not really a donut person (sigh - more like a diet person!) but the one you describes sounds very tempting! I wonder if they've ever considered a red velvet donut? I could fall for that . . .

          2. Holy mackerel, this original post is old! Here's a corollary question. Food Network has shown specialty donut shops who do maple/bacon donuts with real chunks of bacon on top. Anyone know if anyplace in OC makes these? I'm in South County but would be willing to travel for these!

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            1. re: Bogey153

              I've noticed this too Bogey - there have been a lot of "resurrections" among old posts lately (maybe it's apropo to the season?). Anyway, it's probably due to the economy and so few new places opening - the old favorites are either closing or being re-hashed on the list, if you don't mind the pun . . .
              Sorry I can't clue you in to the bacon donuts.