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Aug 8, 2009 12:09 PM

Burtonsville Amish Market Potato Salad

The potato salad at the Burtonsville (MD) Amish Market is the world's best. It is not the eggy, mustardy, yellow kind, but straightforward potato salad with lots of finely minced onion, celery, maybe some parsley. I don't know what makes it so good but I could eat quarts. It is now 3:10 and the market is closed for the weekend--anyone have the recipe?

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  1. I don't have the recipe. But I'd also caution you that the Burtonsville Amish Market is closed forever. They're moving to a new location in Laurel on Rte 198. Last I heard, they were hoping to open in August.

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      Have they actually closed? I was there a few months ago, and signs were posted that they were open until further notice. I thought they move fell through, victim of the real estate bust.

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        Just checked their web site--apparently they closed July 4. Now I NEED the recipe!!!

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          They did close July 4 but DO plan to reopen in a new location as HowChowBlog noted. Personally, I love the potato salad at Red, Hot & Blue - boy I'd kill for that recipe. (I also like the 3 potato salad Giant used to have, I hate to admit it. Now my local Giant, which I generally boycott, seems to have deviled egg potato salad, wonder if that's any good).

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            I have found that Giant seems to provide a really delectable deli area product, then discontinue it. WHY???!!!

            In the Baltimore region, there was a bowtie pasta salad with shreds of carrot and onion (whatever). It was delicious. The store no longer provides it.

            Then, more recently, the store had a carrot salad to "die-for" It was available for nearly two months. As of last Saturday--"adios amigos." It has been replaced by an apple-type salad, which admittedly is delicious.

            What puzzles me, it seems as though anything that is really unique, popular, etc. gets eliminated from their deli-type section. They carry the yucky, typical potato, macaroni and cole slaw salads. Oh, once in a while there is the "health salad," which is a version of cole slaw without mayo and incorporates purple cabbage and several less pedestrian vegetables used in ordinary coleslaw.

            I am often very disappointed in the selections that Giant has.

            Oh, by the way. I don't believe you are in the Baltimore area, but the Mars Supermarkets carry a three-potato salad which is delicious. They are consistent in offering it.

            As far as Giant's deviled egg potato salad, at least give it a try. I'm not enthusiastic.

            Good luck in your search. I'd suggest trying to make your own 3 potato salad, but if like me, when I attempt any of these offerings, they never seem to come out as tasty as store bought. I guess it's just my incompetence in the kitchen. I prefer to make reservations then make dinner. (I know, it's not an original thought/comment). FoiGras

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              Ive tried just about all of Giant's potato salads and they all taste like they've have a dash or two of cleaning solution in them.......

    2. We've split off a recipe for potato salad to a new thread on the Home Cooking board. You can find that post here:

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        Speaking of Giant's deli, they have an awesome cajun cheese spread which is great on burgers! They only have it on weekends though because they make it from the ends of the cheese logs that are leftover from the week. It's always made with different types of cheeses but it's always good!! Normally though they make it with havarti cheese. They chop/grind the cheese up and add Hellman's mayo and jalapeno peppers to it!! OMG, it's SO good!!!

        I LOVE the white chicken salad from the Annapolis Amish Market!

        1. re: lrebetsky0423

          YUM--I also love the Cajun cheese spread. I haven't bought it in a while. Thanks for the reminder. FoiGras

      2. I've always thought the very basic potato salad recipe in the Fanny Farmer Cookbook was the best of any.

        1. Do you ever get to Germantown because on Middlebrook Road is another Amish market probably with a very similar potato might want to try that.

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            Thanks to all. The recipe from recipelover was really close--the key is to chop ingredients fine and let the flavors develop in the refrigerator--but not quite the same as the Amish Market. There is still something missing that I can't identify. The Germantown market is identical, as near as I can tell, but is too far to go for potato salad. (Never thought I would spend so much effort looking for a potato salad recipe, but it was the only one I really liked.)

          2. FYI for all of you fans of the Burtonsville Amish Market - they will reopen on September 10th at their new location: 9701 Fort Mead Rd , Laurel, Maryland 20707 (Along Route 198 next to Home Depot) I just got an email from them a couple days ago

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              They have reopened, cleaner, brighter and pricier. BTW, they are closed this Saturday for an Amish Holiday. 69 cents for what turned out to be an ear of field corn. The deli counter is there too, and they still have no change, no credit card, no checks and no debit cards, so bring small bills and coins. Favorite potato salad from them is the redskin one, with the sour cream and bacon bits. I find the one that the original poster mentioned too salty. Nothing is homemade at the deli. They opened on Wednesday, yesterday, to make up for the holiday, and since the doors where unlocked, some of us went in, and they weren't quite ready. The deli counter was filling their stainless steel containers, with tubs from Spring Farm whatever/wherever in PA, but still better than anything at the grocery store.