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Aug 8, 2009 11:45 AM

Boudin sausage source?

A couple of years ago an employee brought a box of Boudin sausage from a local place in town to a work party. It was fantastic. Unfortunately, I fired her and am not comfortable calling her up and asking where she bought it. If anybody can point me to places in town that sell it by the box, I'll be happy to taste them all until I hit upon the right one.

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  1. I just spent a few hours driving around western Louisiana eating boudin and buying boudin for my freezer[down to about 10lbs now].I used the following as my resource guide;

    Best Stop in Scott LA is my all time favorite but there's decent local boudin to be had.

    I buy Al T's over at Longhorn Meats on East MLK.It doesn't come in a box but I'll bet they'd be happy to order you a case if you asked nice.

    Cajun Holler is available all over town but is disgusting.It should not be allowed to be called boudin.

    Willies further out MLK from Longhorn has good boudin they bring in from Louisiana and smoke on site.They'd probably order you a case as well.

    I know alot of people like Quality Seafoods' but I disagree.Call around a few grocery stores and see if anybody is carrying DJ's out of Beaumont.Fiesta stopped selling it but I'll bet it's still available in Austin.

    I've heard tell of a roadside store just shy of Giddings on Hwy 290 east that has boudin but I've never been.

    Good luck and report back.If it comes right down to it the hotlink above has mail-order information.

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      The best restaurant/store boudin I ever had was from "Boudin King" in Jennings, LA.
      That stuff was seriously good.

        1. re: scrumptiouschef

          Yeah, you right!

          I'm getting half the urge to drive down there one day and bring back a cooler full.

          1. re: bloody hammer

            I'll pitch in more than my fair share if you make the trip.......

            1. re: rudeboy


              Don't forget to write about it when y'all get back

              748 Mile round trip

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        I personally like DJ's which is made in Beaumont. They won't ship it to individuals. I had no luck calling the distributor. I did find it in grocery stores in Houston and bought a bunch to bring back for my freezer.
        If anyone knows where I can buy it here I'd love to have that information.

      2. Try Quality Seafood on Airport. Call and ask. They do have Cajun sausages.

        1. My fav is from Poche's in Breaux Bridge. You can order it online.

          1. Jesse Griffiths of Dai Due fame has started a "Butcher Shop" (no storefront, you order from him and then pick up on a specified date). I know he makes a mean Boudin, since I've had his several times. Get on the Dai Due mailing list and I think he's sending out selections this Thursday for pick up on the 26th.


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            1. re: potluck

              He was offering an amazing duck and tasso boudin in July. If it reappears, I highly recommend it.

              1. re: potluck

                As a follow up, I just got the email with selections today - there's a hot boudin on the list. Here's the whole email for those interested:

                Apples. Just as it can't get any hotter, we're rewarded with the first of this fine fall fruit. We might have gone a bit overboard this week with them, by braising pork belly in cider, making applesauce and an apple terrine, but they're really that good.

                Please order (reply to this email) by Monday, August 24th for pickup on Wednesday, August 26th. Pickup times are from 1pm to 7:30 pm at our kitchen at 1208 w 4th street (detailed directions will be given when you order).

                This week's selection:

                Special Sausages

                Hot Boudin. (coil). A spicy, Cajun style boudin with east Texas grown rice, jalapenos, Richardson pork, Boggy Creek onions and spices. By adding a six-pack, you have what is known as a "Cajun Seven Course Meal".
                $10/lb, comes in 1lb. coils.

                Bratwurst. (links) Richardson pork and organic cream with subtle spices like caraway, coriander and ginger make a classic German sausage, perfect for grilling.
                $12/lb, comes in 1lb. packages.

                Bulk Sausages

                Chorizo. Classic Mexican style sausage made from ground Richardson pork, cumin, mexican oregano, a blend of three different hot peppers and a splash of homemade red wine vinegar. Perfect with eggs, or use a little to season soups, stews, rice or vegetables.
                $10/lb, comes in 1lb. packages.

                Country Style Sausage. (bulk) Our own blend of Richardson pork, Grade B maple syrup, ginger, sage and tons of black pepper. A very nice breakfast sausage.
                $10/lb, comes in 1 lb. packages.


                Freshly Rendered Lard. Pure, fresh lard. Unhydrogenated and incomparable in flavor. Perfect for baking (pie dough and cookies!), making confit, or as a healthful and sensible substitute for margarine. A good article on lard. Keeps for months in the refrigerator.


                Fireman's 4 Mustard. Our favorite local beer, brown mustard seeds, organic apple cider vinegar and spices make the perfect accompaniment to sausages and pates.
                $8/ 8 oz. jar

                Applesauce. Love Creek Jonagolds, very lightly sweetened with agave nectar and Yaupon honey and spices, then gently cooked and mashed. Good on ice cream or bratwurst. That's versatility.
                $8/ 8 oz. jar

                Weekly Special: get 2 pounds of Bratwurst, 1 jar of Fireman's 4 Mustard and a jar of Applesauce for $35 - wunderbar!


                Apple Terrine. Love Creek Orchard's Jonagold apples with Richardson pork, spices and a splash of Laird's Applejack, flavored with fresh bay and summer savory from our own garden.
                $8 each, comes in 1/2 lb. packages.

                Head Cheese. For the cognoscenti, some of the best stuff on the hog. Slowly simmered with allspice and cinnamon, then shredded and mixed with pickled local shallots, summer savory and spices, then set with reduced stock.
                $8 each, comes in 1/2 lb. packages.

                Ready to Cook Items

                Cider Braised Pork Belly. Richardson pork belly, simmered in a low oven for 8 hours with Love Creek fresh apple cider, apples, spices, sweet onions and myrtle leaves. Simply reheat and serve.
                $20/ serving for 4

                Marinated Hanger Steaks. The hanger steak, also known as "butcher's cut" or onglet, is pretty hard to find from a local, grassfed source. We've managed to get a few (there's only one per animal) from Bastrop Cattle Company, and are offering them ready-to-cook, bathed in a light marinade of Mesquite olive oil from Texas Olive Ranch, Boggy Creek garlic and fresh herbs from our garden. Season these robustly flavored steaks with salt and grill or panfry to medium-rare, then slice against the grain for the best results.
                $12/lb, comes trimmed and marinated in 1 pound packages. Very limited availability.

                Custom made sausages are also available. Please inquire about variety and pricing.

                1. re: potluck

                  "Hot Boudin. (coil). A spicy, Cajun style boudin with east Texas grown rice, jalapenos, Richardson pork, Boggy Creek onions and spices. By adding a six-pack, you have what is known as a "Cajun Seven Course Meal".
                  $10/lb, comes in 1lb. coils."

                  Too bad ol Jesse Joe can't go Cajun style on his prices.I know some wiry Cajuns around Lafayette that'd feed ol boy to the gators if he tried to charge them TEN DOLLARS A POUND for boudin,the ultimate in poor folks luxury food in the great state of Louisiana.

                  I bet when he says paired with a six pack he means a 6 pack of Chapeau Framboise which puts his Cajun 7 course meal north of 40 bucks.

                  I'll stick with Best Stop or maybe Poche's in a pinch.Under 4 dollars a pound and best enjoyed leaned up agin an old Ford Econoline in a gravel parking lot in Western Louisiana.

                  1. re: potluck

                    I have been getting nothing short of spectacular charcuterie from Dai Due. The sausages have been great as was the sweetbread pate he had last week. And the headcheese is OFF THE HOOK!!!
                    We also bought a couple of fig and sausage stuffed quail sometime in August and they were sensational. And oh, yeah, the boudin are great as well.

                2. I had some at Central Market earlier this year when they were selling it out front of the store. It was alright, but not as good as Best Stop. The worst part was the guy kept "correcting" my pronunciation and calling it "boo- din" which p* me off.

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                    1. re: tokyomonamour

                      They don't even put pork liver in the boudin at CM!

                      1. re: rudeboy

                        in that case i would hesitate to even call it "boudin".... even if i was pronouncing it wrong. :-)