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Aug 8, 2009 11:08 AM

get a slice a stella's, part deux

sorry mc slim jb, know about your grammatical thing, and am sorry about the apostrophe.
that said, a few words about the post.
i cant lie, part of my (new found) love for this place has to do with "the christopher point", a mathematical concept introduced, (and so named), to me by my brother (apologies to the originator), which posits the idea that there is a point where one feels the item recieved for a certain amount equals or exceeds the expectation of said item for said amount.
for me pizza, is the ultimate arbitrator in this regard.
an aquaintance told me of a trip to UPN (hard core pizza people know of where i speak) his final bill for four actually made me laugh out loud and wonder if for the same dough i could feed an entire hungry soccer team at santarps and still pay for parking.
it constantly annoys me that for a certain "brick oven cooked" chain pizza you are charged almost twenty dollars for about 2.50 worth of materials, and while i understand there is labor involved, we are not talking about "wild gathered mussels, flamed with absinthe, served on a house made cracker with a seaweed foam", my go- to pizza (well done garlic and sausage siclian from Imperial Pizza, 329 washington street, brighton center) clocks in at 13.25 and will feed six, easy.
stella's works for me.
their 18" thin and crispy, two topping, comes in at 14.55, and the slices are as big as your head.
i would personally be uncomfotable at O-ya and freely accept that people enjoy this experience and are willing to pay for it. this is pizza. its peasant food. try not to gouge.
to sum, ive got a new place and isnt that what this is all about?

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  1. I haven't had Stella's pizza in years. How's the sauce? Hopefully not sweet.

    1. Flew back to Boston from an out of town wedding last night. On the way home from Logan called Stella's (their spelling):

      A large cheese, was delivered just as we got home.

      Dang that hit the spot. $15 including tip.

      1. Hey hyde,
        Don't apologize about the apostrophe...Stella's uses it too (see their website, link above)!

        1. Dang, that is one decent slice of crispy pizza, thanks for posting, I never would have known. Plus, very nice people -- I said I wanted it hot enough to burn the roof of my mouth, and they heated it to volcanic, just the way I like it -- with a certain amount of very good-natured ribbing. $2.25 for a slice of cheese pizza that, as hyde says, is as big as your head. Gawd, I love Chowhound!
          PS for bear: sauce not sweet to my tastebuds.

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          1. re: GretchenS

            Stella's has been a chowhound favorite for ages.

          2. Stella's has been one of my longtime favorites. I'm off to try a few slices for lunch today. Does anyone know what's going into the old W-house of pizza spot in watertown There doing some work in there but i haven't heard anything about it?