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Aug 8, 2009 11:07 AM

Need help looking for affordable, local, sustainable fare in the city & easy recipe ideas!

I am trying to find places to eat that have tasty, local, and sustainable menus but is also affordable. Are there any in the city?

Also, now that I am trying to eat better and think about the impact of my food choices (at home and when I eat out) I have become overwhelmed on what to buy and cook at home. I am not the best cook (but I can follow a recipe well), and I am a mom (so I do not have a ton of time and have a at times picky eater to deal with), but really want to try new recipes I can make during the week. Help!

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  1. Since people's idea of what's "affordable" can differ substantially depending on the depth of their wallets, it would be helpful if you would give us your per person budget in a restaurant for food only (drinks, tax & tip additional).

    With regard to recipes, the moderators prefer that those discussions take place on the Home Cooking board.

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      I should have read the notes before I posted for the first time. Thanks for the tip! As for affordable, I am looking for a place where the entree is between $5-20.

        1. re: discolady18

          Hey There,
          Great post! I recommend Franny's in Brooklyn for affordable and sustainable. They do great pizzas and pastas and have very high standards as far as sourcing goes.

          As far as recipes go, can you give a better idea of what you might be looking for? How many people are you cooking for? Are you looking to cook on the weekend and prepare meals for the week or do you have time every night?

          Eat well!

      1. Regarding recipes, consider adding to your bookmarks -- it's a community-driven site where people can link to recipes and food-related posts on other places around the web. It's my go-to for recipe ideas and you will always get a slew of options, many with quality photos.