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Aug 8, 2009 10:19 AM

COTM Administrator for the Next Six Months: Yamalam

First, thanks to foxy fairy for organizing things for the past six months.

Yamalam had volunteered when my six months were up to help out as the administrator, so she will be doing it for September 2009 through February 2010.

I can't believe that this is our 36th month already. How do we have a virtual anniversary party!

Happy Cooking,


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  1. Yay yamalam! Thank you for stepping up. And to foxy fairy for the past six months, and to MMRuth and all past COTM administrators for keeping the project interesting and alive!


    1. Nice going Yamalam!! Congratulations.

      COTM has become such a fun endeavor thanks to all the previous Administrators who keep everything so well organized. Now, if I could only learn to follow directions.....

      1. Thanks so much Yamalam! That is why, that is why, you are my shooby-dooby-do.

        1. Yamalam, thank you for volunteering! and many thanks to foxy for six months of service.

          1. Thanks MMRuth for all your help, and thanks to all for your kind words. I think this seems straightforward enough, but please chime in if you have any recommendations as to how I can be the best COTM Administrator I can be!

            *pinky swearing to have the threads up by the 1st every month*