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Aug 8, 2009 10:11 AM

$5/lb. Lobster again this week in Plainview L.I.

John's Farms has 'em again. They steam for free. Bring a cooler and they will pack fish in ice.
601 Old Country Road in Plainview, NY ~ (516) 933-1447
Open Mon ~ Sat : 7am - 11pm & Sunday : 7am - 8pm

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  1. Thanks phantomD,

    Anyone who takes advantage of this low priced deal should just be sure to get 'em steamed at Johns.

    I got greedy last time and bought 3 nine pounders. Boiling them at home made me feel as though I was on the set of "Alien 4". Those devils were HUGE...and did not appreciate being boiled alive one bit! Finding a pot big enough was a trial itself.

    The claws were as big as dinner plates and had to be cracked opened with a hammer. The meat was sweet though and the price is right. Good for a novelty meal and a great photo-op since they were bigger than our dog.

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    1. re: kelvin8r

      They are keeping the price this week until August 21st.

      1. re: phantomdoc

        Ya know, overall it's been a lousy summer weather wise. A lobster glut has been a welcome treat. Office lobster lunch, again!