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Aug 8, 2009 09:26 AM

help! grocery shopping off graham L

i just moved to the neighborhood and was appalled by the c-town by the stop. the produce section was pathetic and there was moldy fruit with flies and all - disgusting! where do you locals do your food shopping?? it's sad that the supermarkets in greenpoint are so much better, i miss the garden!

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  1. I think the silence you have received is due to the lack of positive suggestions anyone can offer. As to the produce, the greengrocer down the block is decent, fresher, and cleaner.

    1. Rosemary Farms, next door to C-Town, is a cash-only veggie market with great produce. The bodega on the corner of Graham & Conselyea is good for the occasional thing, but pricey. Basically grocery shopping in this area of Wburg requires a few stops, to the veggie place for veggies, to the meat market for meats (I don't eat pork so I can't attest to the various sausage places around Graham Ave but like to get deli meats and cheese from Anthony & Sons on the corner of Frost), bread from Napoli (Metropolitan between Lorimer & Leonard) and things in bulk from Trader Joes (I greatly prefer the one in Brooklyn to the madhouse of 14th street!) C-Town is good for cleaning supplies and chips, and that's about all I get there!

      1. When I lived in the neighborhood I typically took the L to Union Square or the Chelsea Market for produce or ocassionally purchased items from the bodega on Metropolitan and Graham.

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          yeah, i was starting to figure as much. i've been in rosemary, but couldn't believe the prices were more expensive than manhattan prices!

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            There's the farmers market in McCarren Park on Saturday mornings, 8a-3p... Go early, it gets bonkers later on.

          2. re: JungMann

            when i lived on graham, i shopped exclusively at the italian markets, and bought produce at the stand near c-town. sometimes i bought my fish on metropolitan. (can't remember the name). c-town was more or less for non-edibles. we went to topps off bedford a few times, but i was not a big fan of it. i think your best bet is to shop at wholefoods in union square and hit up the farmers markets in the square and the burg.

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              a few weeks ago, a friend staying with me discovered quechal (sp?) organic market on graham near grand. i was overjoyed by the discovery. most of the prices are quite reasonable and they have a decent produce section. please go support them, i want them to stay in business!