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Aug 8, 2009 09:08 AM

Coming to Toronto with kids 10 and 12

We are coming to Toronto in2 weeks and are looking for a china town Dim sum spot to impress the kids on a weekday. We are also hoping to find local Italian flavors for dinner and suggestions?

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  1. Where is Toronto are you staying?

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      for simple good, dimsum which is reasonable too, we like noble seafood on dundas near spadina in chinatown

    2. For Italian, perhaps Pizzeria Libretto (www.pizzerialibretto.com) or Terroni (www.terroni.ca)... although if the kids (or adults!) are at all fussy you ought to note that Terroni has a slightly fascist reputation for forbidding any menu substitutions. Also, note that neither place accepts reservations and so you should anticipate a bit of a wait.