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Aug 8, 2009 08:53 AM

Suggestions appreciated

My wife and i will be spending a week in Chicago the end of August. We will be staying
on East Pearson Street. We would greatly appreciate suggestions regarding Dining
options. We are open to just about all types of food and want to go to a real nice romantic place to for our anniversary. Places near Wrigley also would be appreciated as we are going to a game there in the afternoon. Thanks in advance from this New Yorker...
Alan-Eastchester, N.Y.

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  1. 2 places for romantic anniversary meal, to start: Cafe des Architectes at the Sofitel has very good modern French food. Pastry chef Suzanne Imaz is creating a lot of buzz these days as well. The soaring ceiling might detract from being intimate, but it is romantic. Another place is Eve. Creative modern cuisine, great sexy room.

    Are you looking for places near Wrigley before or after the game? There are a lot of options, just depends what you're looking for.

    Cafe des Architectes
    20 East Chestnut Street, Chicago, IL 60611

    840 N Wabash, Chicago, IL 60610

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      Thank you... Appreciate your assistance...
      We will be dining after the game at Wrigley....
      What about a great Steakhouse... something like a Peter Lugers?

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        I'm not a big steak eater, so will leave this to the rest of the 'hounds. David Burke's is a popular choice. But it is downtown.

        Around Wrigley for dinner, here's a short list.

        Angelina or Mia Francesca for good, comfort Italian. Francesca is a huge local chain, but they are pretty consistent.

        Coobah. Fun, loud, pan-Latin American focusing on Cuban and some Filipino. (Chef/owner is Filipino).

        Tango Sur. Argentine beef. BYOB.

        Angelina Ristorante
        3561 N Broadway

        Tango Sur
        3763 N Southport Ave, Chicago, IL 60613

        Mia Francesca
        3311 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60657

        3423 N Southport Ave, Chicago, IL 60657

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          Coobah and Tango Sur are two of my favorites. The former is a really upbeat, delicious trip, a must whenever I'm around. Their lumpia and flan are an especial hit. Tango Sur's parillada is the stuff of legend for me. BYOB, juicy steak and some of the best morcilla I have ever had and at a price that beats comparable restaurants in NYC.

    2. I’ll take a Swing at the places by Wrigley (My wife and I live 5 blocks West of the Park):
      Deleece 4004 N Southport
      Good atmosphere, great food, reasonable and neighbor friendly

      Someone else mentioned Coobah 3423 N Southport Ave – good food, a bit loud depending on whether they have music that day – I was impressed by the food in terms of creativity and quality

      Cafe28 1800 West Irving Park – this place is a sleeper in that the street view will never lure you in, yet the place is usually packed due to the good food, service and atmosphere. I’d call it Cuban-Mexican – if you want to switch gears after the game and sit down to relax and eat

      Raw Bar 3720 N Clark - – one of our favorites, totally casual front bar room that crowds after a game, quiet dining room perfect for a nice dinner and romantic when they have a pianist/singer. Food is a little too varied, we stick with the seafood and it does not disappoint. Only negative, the men’s room is more “Wrigley bar” than you’d expect - Crawfish Bisque more than makes up for it.

      1. I would very highly recommend MK for your anniversary meal. My husband and I had one of the best dining experiences there.

        For steaks, Chicago Chop House is the best classic Chicago steakhouse - but you'll get all kinds of debate on that.

        As for near Wrigley, I also live nearby and agree with the Coobah and Cafe 28 suggestions. I would also suggest Fianco (Italian), or if you are into sushi, a little place called Sushi Mura. It doesn't look like much, but it's always fresh, fun and the owners are sweethearts. I would strongly advise against Deleece - it has CONSIDERABLY declined in quality over the last year or so, and I have never been a Tango Sur fan (though plenty of people seem to be, as it is always packed).

        Mixteco Grill at Montrose and Ashland is a little further from the field, but the Chef is Rick Bayless trained, so you are getting Topolobampo-quality moles for a fraction of the price. If you are willing to venture a little further north to Lincoln Square, Bistro Campagne and Tallulah are excellent options (although maybe a little too fancy for post-game).

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          I just wanted to express our appreciation to all of you for the suggestions. We
          will celebrate our Anniversary dinner at MK and we made a number of other reservations based upon your suggestions. When we return we will post our impressions of our chosen dining experiences. We will be pleased to make suggestions to any of you if you decide to come to N.Y.- Westchester County. Again.. Thanks.. Alan