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Aug 8, 2009 08:32 AM

Dockweiler Beach / Hang Glider Hill - New Restaurant Going in on the Beach?

For those who know where I am talking about (bracketed by Scattergood Generating Station on the South and the Waste Treatment Plant on the North) on Vista Del Mar there is a parking lot which services beginner hang gliding lessons - and it looks like a pretty substantial restaurant is going up - basically right on the beach cliff (actually over the edge of the cliff and to me it looks like it's set down at the foot of the beach). Because I'm pedaling by here in the middle of the night (3 AM) I really can't see too much. I think at one time there was a sign that said something like "Kevocini's" or something like that. But now that sign is gone. Maybe this is going to be just a typical beach front snack bar, but it sure doesn't look like it.

Anyone else have any info on this?

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  1. That would be interesting... certainly an odd location to get some kind of zoning variance for, if it would require one. Of course I guess there might be ways to make an allowable beach "snack bar" a really AMAZING snack bar. And the snacks more like dinners.

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      Any real restaurant there would have a lot of built in business from the RV park just down the hill on the North side. Because, since they began this project, the bike path begins a ittle detour right there which takes you through the parking lot there just isn't a very good view of the building. Time will tell. If anyone else knows anything feel free to add on to this thread.

      The bike ride was worth it this morning in any case for the family of 5 racoons which were walking down the street together in the Marina as I came home. We live side by side with an incredible number of racoons in LA.

    2. So, no restaurant going in at Dockweiler Beach after all. They took the detour out so the the bike path goes right by the building, so slowed down to see what it actually is (they finally had a sign up) and it's the LA Department of Water & Power "Youth Club" (being directly across the street from the sewage treatment plant will undoubtedly garner a lot of very bad jokes at the expense of the club).

      I did note as I rode on the way back north along Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica that, as I went by Chez Jay's that they have signs up touting their 50th Anniversary. 50 years...that's a bit of a "wow" moment.