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Aug 8, 2009 08:17 AM

Table 17 Quick Review

Last night my SO and I decided to escape the hordes descending on Riverdale for Taste of the Danforth and headed down to Queen Street East for dinner at Table 17. In a nutshell, service was very good and attentive from beginning to end (even though the restaurant was quite packed by the time we left), and the food competent and tasty. The restaurant's menu is set up for traditional apps and mains, as well as additional dishes that can be shared.

Quick summary of the dishes:

-Hot Balls (a selection of deep fried "balls" containing rice or goat cheese or crab stuffing, each with their own corresponding sauce, e.g. crab balls had a mayo sauce, goat cheese, a honey sauce). Nice, filling and good to share. However, aside from the goat cheese balls, the flavours were muted and overwhelmed by the breading.

-Salad of Heirloom Greens - fine, but nothing special

-Diver of Poached Scallos - An app, consisted of one scallop with some greens. My SO enjoyed it

-Pea Soup - a puree with whole peas scattered throughout, this was very good but extremely rich (load enough butter and cream and anything tastes better!)

-Ontario Rabbit and Fingerling Potatoes - a braised dish, with a generous portion of bunny, with a slightly too sweet sauce and boiled fingerling potatoes. Overall, I like it.

-Cheescake with Blueberry Sauce - short on the sauce, again nothing special

Nonetheless, both of us enjoyed our meal, and think it a great choice for a bistro supper if you live nearby or find yourself in this neck of the city. As one small bonus, there was a sheet of wines (separate from the regular wine list) that had been discounted. We had a great Argentinean cab sauv blend that was knocked down 25%.

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  1. This was posted a little while ago... so thought I'd share a new "quick review" seeing as though my SO and I were at Table 17 for dinner last night

    1 - Service was very good. Attentive, helpful, and very pleasant.

    2 - Atmosphere - again, really good. Our reservation was for 8pm. The restaurant was full both when we arrived, and when we left. The room was "buzzing", without being too loud, or being too close to the table beside us

    3 - Wine List - just okay. The sign outside the restaurant said they were featuring wine from Piedmonte, but 2 of the 4 feature wines were sold out. We ended up having a nice Barbera, but would have liked a little more choice. Though, I should mention that there were quite a few wines at a good price point (under 60)

    4 - Finally, the food...

    - Charcuterie Plate & Marinated Olives - nice assortment, and tasty, but not up to the same standard as Reds, Black Hoof, or Cava (IMO)
    - Shitake Consumme - delicious, light and tasty broth (whats that word to describe the 5th taste??? the word is escaping me.. but it was that!)...
    - My SO had Diver Scallops - they were absolutely incredible!!! Best scallops I have had in years.
    - For mains - I had trout and my SO had cod. Both were excellent. Tasty, and perfectly prepared. Brussel sprouts with bacon for a side dish was amazing also
    - No dessert....we were stuffed....

    overall, we loved Table 17 and will return soon.


    Table 17
    782 Queen St. East, Toronto, ON M4M 1H4, CA

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      1. re: jlunar

        yes! thats the word. thanks. :)

        1. re: AJMC791

          Is that the trout dish with an avocado sauce? If so, I've heard it is excellent. A good foodie friend, that has a penchant for fish claims that this particular dish is better than anything she's had elsewhere, including Joso's.

          1. re: millygirl

            yes. that was it!!!

            it was served with roasted tomatillo, avocado puree, and some sort of poblano sauce also.
            I particularly liked that it was a nicely sized piece of fish too, not a miniscule portion.

            1. re: AJMC791

              Interesting! I must get there one of these days soon.

      2. re: AJMC791

        Sounds really good, will definitely check it out. A little suspicious of the "line caught" bass listed on their dinner menu though.

      3. So I went onto the website to see this "line-caught" bass thing... (which, does seem somewhat suspect)... but in the process I noticed 2 things, perhaps worth mentioning

        1 - Sunday and Monday - 3 course prix fixe $32
        2 - can BYOW sundays and mondays with no corkage.

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        1. re: AJMC791

          Ah, that explains why the discount deal thing from Groupon doesn't allow for people to use it on Sunday or Monday. I thought it was a weird exception!

          Today's (May 14th) deal on Groupon is for a $50 voucher for $25... It is nice that the expiry is one year out... Hard to use some spots when they only have a 2 month expiry on them.

          1. re: ylsf

            The Groupon prompted me to try, what many friends have said, is an excellent place. Two of us went to Table 17 last night for a bday celebration. We were worried that some people said it can get oppressively loud, but we didn't have that problem at all. It helped that we arrived at 6:30 and were one of the first to be served. I suspect it can get much louder later.

            From the outset, things were working out for us. A parking spot directly in front of the restaurant entrance, and free parking after 18:00. Perfect start.
            Got a table in the inner part of the dining room, which was warm and cozy on a cold night, away from the front door.

            We started with a gin & tonic and Tollgate white wine blend from the Niagara region. Pretty standard, nothing special.

            Food began with the charcuterie platter. The meats were delicious, but not intensely flavoured. The pork/poultry paté was excellent. As was the accompanying housemade mustard and pickled veg.

            We shared the diver scallops, since this discussion string speaks so highly of it. The dish did not disappoint. The scallops were fresh and plump, the bearnaise was tangy and rich, and the guanciale was crispy, salty; a perfect textural foil to the soft meatiness of the seared scallops.

            Our two mains consisted of the rainbow trout - with its fresh lakewatery flavour. Moist, with a delicately crispy skin. My dish as the oven roasted pork belly, in a fennel/onion broth over cavolo nero and baby carrots. Be warned, it wasn't a slice of pork belly. It's more of a brick of meat. A huge portion, the size of three packs of playing cards. The flesh was succulent and soft, topped with crispy crackling. Each forkful was run through the broth. Heaven. The broth had a subtle onionness, but I would have liked more of the fennel to come out. The cavolo nero was a great pairing.

            On the side was the roasted brussel sprouts, with a bacony vinaigrette. It was the highlight of the entree experience. The sprouts were roasted to perfection. Crispy, but still moist and tender inside. The bacon vinaigrette was ridiculous. Flavourful, smoky, bacony, salty, tangy. I think I dreamt about them last night.

            The meal ended with a shared Gateaux Elvis - two layers of chocolate gateaux sandwiching a lightly savoury peanut butter mousse, topped with fresh slices of bananas and caramel sauce. Yum. I wish that the bananas were caramelized though, rather than just drizzled with caramel. But I'm not complaining.

            All in all, a fantastic experience. Definitely a restaurant that will draw us all the way from Bathurst and College to Leslieville.

            Table 17
            782 Queen St. East, Toronto, ON M4M 1H4, CA

            1. re: stepford

              Great first post. I'll have to put this place on my radar.

              1. re: stepford

                I find it interesting that your rainbow trout -- which was farmed -- had a "fresh lakewatery flavour." Lake trout and rainbow trout are two different "critters."

                1. re: stepford

                  Then it sounds like they accepted your groupon without giving you 'discounted' service or portion size. I always hesitate on the groupons at restaurants for this reason but would have loved to get the one for Table 17.

                  Table 17
                  782 Queen St. East, Toronto, ON M4M 1H4, CA