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Aug 8, 2009 08:08 AM

Dinner in Great Barrington or Lenox?

Hello All,

My husband & I will be visiting the Berkshires soon to celebrate our one year Annv. We will be staying at a B & B in GB & were wondering if you all had any advice on where to eat for the 2 days we will be there?

We are looking for one night for a more upscale place but all the other meals do not have to be. We are really easy & will eat any type of food as long as it good.

Any advice? Its been so long since we have been back to the Berkshires we would appreciate it!

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  1. Upscale:
    Inn on the Green
    John Andrews

    Not so upscale:
    Aegean Breeze
    Baba Louie's

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      Agree that Old Inn on the Green, in New Marlborough, maybe 15-20 minutes from Great Barrington, is an absolutely first-rate upscale restaurant.

    2. Right in Great Barrington, upscale but not Inn on the Green on John Andrews' prices, both Pearl's (under new management) and Allium (now part of the Mezze chain). Both good. So is Cafe Adam, so I understood from friends.

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        The Old Inn on the Green has good (but imo not excellent) food and a neat atmosphere (no electrical lights, just candlelight). If you go when it is not busy, as was the case when my wife and I went early this summer, it can have a deserted feel to it. I prefer a livelier restaurant atmosphere, but that's a matter of subjective preference. John Andrews continues to get good reviews, although we are not as crazy about it as others obviously are. While we have not gone this summer, we've always found the food to be okay and the service less so. A nice, New England-type place near GB is the Old Mill. They don't take reservations for less than five (but you might be able to talk them into it for an annivesary dinner) but it is charming and the food and service reliably good. In town, as BerkshireTsarina noted, there is Pearl's and Allium, across the street from each other. We have frequented Pearl's this summer and can say that the new owner (who brought back the original chef) has turned the place around. It has a great, in-town location and the food and ambiance now match it. We like Allium also, particularly for drinks if they open up the front garage-door style window--if you can get the seats there for a cocktail, do so. Although we had a bad experience with service at Napa, on Main Street in GB (we got there 30 minutes before closing and they were less than thrilled we were there, so we went to Pearl's instead, and Napa's manager later apologized), we like the atmosphere and the food, particularly if it is a Friday night and they have live jazz. If you want to drive a little south, into Connecticut, we recommend Pastorale in Lakeville--charming atmosphere with good food. If you want to drive into Connecticut for lunch, we recommend the Woodland, also in Lakeville (it is also open for dinner). We've always really enjoyed the food there and the drive is very nice. We also like 20 Railroad Street in GB for its burgers. There are many more options, but these are some to get you started.

      2. I'd go with the Old Inn. Last time I was there, we were the last to leave, and the waiter brought over a bottle of maybe $200 (retail, not sure what the restaurant price would be) wine that a table had bought but thought "off" - it wasn't, just needed to open up a bit. Asked if we'd like to finish it... with much arm twisting we agreed.

        John Andrews just doesn't do it for me. I must be one of the few who doesn't see the brilliance in undercooked or overcooked food (my last three times there seesawed between the former and latter).

        Or try the Brewery at the edge of town for CCCP - Chili, Chocolate Cake and Porter!

        1. For a memorable anniversary dinner I would go to neighboring Lee and have dinner at Chez Nous. It is owned and run by a French (husband)/American (wife) couple in a cute old house in town. It is our favorite place in the area -- really good food, lovely service, and prices that are not out of line. A romantic and special restaurant. Try to be seated in the front room where you enter, much nicer IMO. Reserve ahead.

          Another good, very reasonable place in Lee is Salmon Run Fish House. Good fresh fish, homey ambiance, good value. Also recommend reserving.

          Salmon Run Fish House
          78 Main St
          Lee, MA 01238
          (413) 243-3900

          We also like John Andrews and it is not all that expensive, especially with their summer prix fix. I actually find Aegean Breeze more of a ripoff -- especially the fresh fish -- for a so-so Greek place with depressing surroundings.

          Am I the only one who doesn't like Baba Louie's in Great Barrington? I know people rave about it but I think the pizza is nothing special (and mushy) and the place is kind of dirty and gross. If you do go, avoid the rest room.

          Martin's in GB is fun for their all-day breakfast. Not much going on in Lenox.

          1. Cafe Adam is wonderful. Sleek decor , great service , excellent food and presentaion. Young very talented chef owner. Ate there Sunday night. Reservations a must.

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