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Aug 8, 2009 05:44 AM

Two New Restaurants in Bryn Mawr

Another alert for the Main Line folks. Last night we cruised out to Bryn Mawr to check out Ha Long Bay and while searching for a parking space noticed not one but TWO new places open in Bryn Mawr!

Verdad, bills itself as a Tequila bar, but appeared to be a restaurant too, was having a grand opening. It was packed. Valet parking offered.

Mediterranean, a BYOB, was also open despite scaffolding around the entrance, a more casual looking place, also had a decent crowd. These places are both on the south side of Lancaster just west of the movie theater. Now, I have to admit, I don't get out to Bryn Mawr much, is this a new place, or has it been there for a while?

Anyone been to these places, please report!!

PS Ha Long Bay was deserted, only one other party, it was our first time there, prices are moderate, food was pretty good, we had shrimp summer rolls, curried rice noodles, and house rice noodle platter. I really liked the latter which is the one that gives you those thin rice pancakes to wrap your food up in. I always forget what it is called. The menu is extensive. We'll be back to try other things!

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  1. Mediterranean has been in Bryn Mawr for quite some time. Good food, reasonable prices, but very little menu variety. If you're looking for good Greek food, it is a solid bet. It's better and more appropriately priced than Lourdas (near the train station).

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    1. re: foodie4444

      I beg to differ... mediterranean is not Greek... it is Persian... big difference

      1. re: sanfrantransplant

        Yes, Mediterranean -- which has been there for a few years -- is Persian, not Greek. You get some similar dishes (they are, after all, both Mediterranean cuisines), but it's different enough to be noticeable. I do like the place, but agree that there isn't enough variety in the menu. Looking forward to trying Verdad, though!

        1. re: Fjordstone

          I stand corrected. You both are correct that it is Persian. I was there once some years ago, and I must have remembered incorrectly,

    2. Went to Verdad last evening. Yes they were feeling their way around, but here is report. Staff , friendly but clueless, no idea what the menu was about could answer no questions and when did, were wrong many times. Items came out when they were ready, as in a Chinese restaurant, no big deal, but one ap came out and the other three came over 10 minutes later. Fry cook is not doing a good job, all items sauteed or fried were slathered in grease, really sopping. Had three pre-aps, four aps, four entrees, four desserts, multiple drinks, no food stood out as great, one or two things were good, most was forgettable, little was finished. As this is a new front on an existing restaurant ( Carmines ) not really new, yes new menu and chef, but still same owner and much staff. l had never gone to Carmines so cannot compare. May try again, but doubt it. With tax/tip $265/4

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      1. re: Delucacheesemonger

        That doesn't surprise me. The chef had pretty much the same operation going on at Blush around the corner from where verdad is now. It was overpriced, mediocre food that had no care put into it at all. Looks to me like he was losing money there, so he found someone with money to dump into a new place, closed up shop at blush and set up in a new a new location. I looked at the menu, he even has some of the same stuff on there, real original. If its anything like that last place I'll refrain from wasting my money, and from the last post its sounds to me like that's a safe bet.

        1. re: new22010

          Agree with everything you said, except Blush is not closed...

          1. re: sanfrantransplant

            sure about that? you can't make a reservation on opentalbe for them anymore but the link is still on their website. Means one of two things, they're closed or they haven't paid their open table bill and the service has been shut off (probably means they're closing soon)

            1. re: new22010

              you are correct, at the time of my post, the news had not broke in the inquier... good pick up on the open table... Honestly, from everything i've heard about blush (both from guests & employees) I'm shocked they hung in as long as they did.

              1. re: sanfrantransplant

                Why is it that there is no good food on main line? We've found that its better to go to local joints and save of $$ for better food downtown.

                1. re: foodiepair

                  So glad to read Delucacheesemonger's review. Went today, wanted to love it. I wanted so, so badly to love it. I didn't, I couldn't. I could have written the EXACT same review, to the letter. I will give a shout out to the Tinto Margarita...interesting and tasty as was the sangria, which I do usually care for. It was not at all sweet. Such a bummer. Octopus was really inedible...

                  1. re: hillster

                    We went to Verdad this week, also with the preconceived notion that we really wanted to like it (the Main Line needs more fun, character-filled places). Had 4 tapas plates and 1 entree, shared by 2 people. The tapas plates were very good. The ceviche was sashimi-quality (though the portion was also about the size of one serving of sashimi). Had one other seafood tapas plate (mussels with chorizo, excellent), one beef (tacos), and one chicken (flatbread), all of which were very good, though at $8-$9 each, pricey for the tiny portions (didn't try the octopus, have never particularly liked food with suction cups).

                    The entree we shared was the seafood paella, which, sadly, was not good. The seafood components were good (a pair each of scallops, shrimp, mussels, and a smallish lobster tail), but the rice was way overcooked, the consistency of wet tissue paper, and devoid of any of the spices and flavorings that it takes to make paella. At $32, it was also very expensive for a portion the size of what most restaurants would serve as an appetizer.

                    Overall, our limited sampling of 4 tapas plates were all very good, but the one entree was not. The tab for 4 tapas, 1 entree, and 5 glasses of wine (all of which were good, a nice selection of Spanish ones) was $107 plus tip - not exactly a bargain. Overall, I think we'll go back one more time and will stick solely to the tapas. But, for our budget, we won't go there very often, it's too expensive for what it offers (Bar Ferdinand in the city has better quality food and is a better value). I think Verdad is going to have to either lower its prices or enlarge the portions of its tapas plates (or maybe there are still enough scenesters on the Main Line that will think it's a 'happening' place to be 'seen' at and will go for it, but, not us, we just want fun food at reasonable prices). Overall, it was better in its incarnation as Carmines.