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Aug 8, 2009 02:29 AM

Shanghai - Vietnamese pho

Went to FCC and tried the pho there, but the noodles were not the same and it was small for what you paid for. I miss getting a big bowl for cheap.

When I'm sick, the best thing I can put in me is a nice hot, bowl of pho. Anywhere in Shanghai that has a really good bowl of pho?

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    1. re: JTS

      Try a new pho place on Fu Min road. Just near the Herb Store. They make a great bowl of beef pho.

      1. re: metalinx

        Hey what is the place called on Fu Min Road?

    2. Pho Real went down since its soft opening. The pho and spring rolls had the potential of getting better, but that did not happen. It also got more expensive for the fixed lunch menu.

      Went to Pho 26 last weekend and the accompaniments were just wrong. It's cheaper than Pho Real though.