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Mango Chutney and ?

I bought what I thought were chicken wings w/barbecue sauce but ended up with mild hot wings. To tame them a little I tried a little mango chutney. It worked very well together. i also love mango chutney with peanut butter and also baked brie (especially w/ hot chutney). What are your favorite mango chutney combinations?

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  1. For some reason I like it with store bought eggrolls. Don't know why, no one else in my family enjoys it that way.

    1. Grilled sharp Cheddar cheese sandwiches and hot mango chutney, mmm.

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        I second this one! I also the combination cold with chunks of artisinal bread.

      2. Hot or sweet mango chutney, turkey and stuffing sandwich. A "must have" on Boxing Day in this household.

        1. I enjoy spicy mango chutney as a condiment with AB's Macadamia Nut Crusted mahi mahi http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/al...

          1. I make a warm dressing with chutney,sauteed shrooms,bacon, dijon, olive oil and vinegar. Pour over baby spinach and toss to wilt. Very tasty. adam

            1. Well I love fresh mango-and-peppers salsa on fish with rice, so I'd add mango chutney to something like salmon. Might glaze it slightly beforehand to see if it would brown up, then add more after.

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                I'd second it with fish, especially grilled salmon or tuna!

                1. In almost any marinade

                  1. With roast pork sandwiches. Also very nice with a little sriracha, heated and then at room temp. as a dipping sauce for shrimp.

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                      yeah, buddy, meatn3! i love the roast pork sandwich with mango chutney -- and a little aioli. (if i said garlicky mayonnaise, i'd get all the mayo haters. ;-)).

                      there's a great place on pine island florida that makes terrific mango chutneys -- and not the super sweet commercial gloppy major grey types. sunburst tropical fruit company http://www.manta.com/coms2/dnbcompany...

                      i highly recommend their "mango bbq sauce chutney" which is like a regular chutney but not chunky. delicately spiced and savory -- lightly sweet. yummmmmy. they also have other tropical fruit condiments. they're not a big operation, but if they have it, order it. ;-).

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                        Yum! I'll keep an eye out on my next trip down...lately So. St. Pete is about as far south as I get. Have you seen their products in regional stores or just at their location?

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                          i've never seen it in any local stores -- just at their location there on pine island. i'm not sure they *still* make it, but you could call them.

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                          Thanks for the info, going home (lauderdale) this week and as always will make my way to the keys for a couple days... as long as "BILL" does not get in my way!!

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                            pine island off cape coral/fort myers -- not the keys.

                            sunburst tropical fruit company is in bokeelia, on pine island, and you can search within the map for a zoom, if you'd like: http://maps.google.com/maps?client=sa...

                            (zoom in to the second dirt driveway left of the pond there on howard road -- that's the place).

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                              Well then to heck with the keys and I will make my way to Fort Myers, and yes that is embarrassing being I am a true Florida girl, born and raised!

                              Thanks for the Map! (i will need it!)

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                                on your trip, you must eat at el rincon cubano in cape coral -- fabulous cuban food in great quantities at a fabulous price. bring your hungry! it ain't fancy, but it's good. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/617714

                      2. with coconut milk and a bit of curry paste over chicken

                        1. Can I find mango chutney at my local Indian market? Is it in a tube?

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                            It comes in jars. It's sometimes marked Major Gray's Chutney (the sweet kind). There is a really good hot mango chutney with lots of chilis which is the one I like best (although the sweet one is good with savory foods, too).

                          2. We make a grilled ham and muenster cheese sandwich on sourdough bread with mango chutney spread between the ham and muenster. They are also good when made as pressed panini.

                              1. Mixed into chicken salad. Also a must have (preferably the hot kind, although sweet is also nice) on any ham sandwich. It's also great on top of cream cheese with crackers (chili pepper jelly works at least as well).

                                1. When I make fish cakes I put mango chutney in the mix...very yummy!

                                  Also Indian spiced meatballs, again mango chutney right in the mix

                                  1. I like to serve it on the side with chicken or fish roti. I also use it in curried chicken salad, and it makes a great grilled cheese sandwich. Sharp cheddar and mango chutney on anadama bread is really tasty.

                                    1. While mom was still with us, on every one of my birthdays, she would fix her special chicken curry and serve it with mango chutney and fried eggplant. It was the main dish for my birthday treat for 40 years or so... and every year she would ask what I wanted for my birthday dinner. I miss her - and for some reason mango chutney has a special spot in my heart.

                                      1. Curried coconut Shrimp

                                        1. What a great question... I just finished 10 pints of mango chutney and with all these ideas, might have to get some more into jars!