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Aug 7, 2009 10:03 PM

Yet Another Ridiculous Asian Fusion Bistro in Mt. Kisco


Sushi Bistro next to Dunkin Donuts
and, now, Ode? next to the Gap in the basement.

Plus, their menu is the oddest fusion I've seen. Every menu item has a devotional title to praise God. Their fusion includes: cajun crawfish etouffe udon noodles. Roast chicken with a buerre blanc sauce and an asian twist. Asian Boulliabaise .
I'm not saying that the food is bad just odd.

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  1. I agree we seem to have a profusion of "asian fusion" places all of a sudden - though I don't really think of Okinawa as fusion, I do think of Temptation Tea House as it, which missed your list. I haven't tried the new place yet (Neo I think) but I saw a decent review of it so it's on my list - I just have some trouble with getting into their menu as well. Okinawa has been fine when we've been there, and I like Temptation's chinese offerings. I've only tried the sushi at Kicho (which is actually in Bedford Hills) but it was enjoyable. I've had mixed results at Blue but I'm going to give it one more shot (one of these days). But I will say Oishii (the place next to Dunkin that used to be Mt. Fuji) has really surpassed my expectations - we've ordered several times from there and each time the sushi has been fresh, well presented (even for takeout) and extremely tasty. It's our new go to place for sushi in the area. I'd love to see some more variety in town but I guess people are offering what sells?

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      I had lunch at Oishii today and thought it was very good. They've lowered the price of their lunch specials from what is on their website. A had the Sambal Chicken and it was only $8 for a huge portion, including a bowl of hot & sour soup. The chicken actually had pieces of Japanese eggplant in it, which isn't something you usually see in a dish unless you actually order the eggplant. We usually go to Tengda in Katonah for lunch because they are reasonably priced with large portions but this was comparable. Their dinner prices seem cheaper than Tengda (which always seemed very pricey for dinner), so I think we may try that.

    2. I also agree that there is a bit of a surplus of the asian fusion restaurants in Kisco,
      and like Kerry, I don't really consider Okinawa fusion, and always thought that their sushi was overpriced for what it was.

      Oishii, The several times I have eaten there since the switch has been continuously great, in terms of sushi, though besides that I am not sure how their other food is.

      Blue has been pretty good the times I have gone, not my favorite sushi but nothing bad to say about it.

      I'd have to say that though incredibly hard to find, Neo is certainly the best I have eaten at so far. Being the only ones in the place, we were welcomed with complimentary edamame and an appetizer- Spicy Tuna Poppers (Fried balls of spicy tuna with avocado and not sure what else), and I had several rolls for my main course, of which were very fresh and creative, similar to Sushi Mike's. I haven't tried the other things on the menu, but next time i go I plan on trying the Bi-Bim-Bap, korean vegetables and rice and meat in a stone bowl. It is well worth finding.

      1. Given the "Excellent" rating NEO got in the NY Times 2 weeks ago, we tried it. The sushi was excellent, my wife's salmon was quite good, and the rolls my son got varied from good to excellent. To top it off, the decor is wonderful--by far the "hippest" looking new place around and a real joy to be in. There is no alcohol yet. Also, the location is great--park in either the train station lot or the main public lot and you can enter the restaurant from either side. But I definitely recommend it.

        The NY Times review:

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          We're talking about Neo, correct? (Not Ode, as previously mentioned?) I know, it's hard to keep them all straight.

          I had a similar reaction when I heard about ANOTHER Asian Fusion place coming to Mount Kisco. But the NY Times review had me curious, so when my friend said she wanted some Philadelphia Rolls, I suggested we check it out.

          The service was very good, unobtrusive and accommodating.

          I ordered the Kabocha soup which was phenomenal. Creamy pumpkin soup with a hint of coconut milk and two very large, grilled shrimps (it was amazing how much you could taste the char even in the soup).

          My friend ordered the Monkfish Risotto Roll to start, which was described as pan fried monkfish, shiitake mushroom risotto, rolled with Vietnamese rice paper with pomegranate sauce and parmesan cheese.

          In full disclosure, we ordered this because it sounded like a hot mess, so we shouldn't have been disappointed when it arrived as one. We were hoping that the chef was going to perform some sort of magic trick with all of those ingredients, but the stuff just didn't go together. It later made me think about Frank Bruni's last column, where he gave tips on navigating a menu: "Scratch off the dishes that look the most aggressively fanciful. The chef’s vanity — possibly too much of it — spawned these." That would be the best way to describe the monkfish risotto.

          We also tried an order of the Spicy Sushi Poppers. All of the fish was very fresh, and the guacamole was a nice pairing, but the sushi rice tasted distractingly sweet. Again, I was hoping the chef was going to blow my mind, but in the end, I think I would've just preferred something more traditional.

          The Philly Rolls were Philly Rolls (absolutely fine). I would've liked to order a special roll, but Philly Rolls were the only way to get my friend to come with me!

          I had the green tea creme brulee for dessert which was one of the best I've tasted. The inside was almost fluffy, and you could taste a slight (welcome) bitterness of the green tea.

          Based on the soup and creme brulee alone, I'd go back to Neo. We didn't get to try much that night, but it made me curious enough for a second visit.

          1. re: SharonNY

            Tried Neo on Sunday night with DH, children and MIL. Very nice meal, and we'll go back again. Husband had a Self Control Roll, MIL -- green roll and another roll, son -- sushi sampler, daughter from the children's menu, and I had the Bi Bim Bap. I had never tried bi bim bap, but enjoyed it. I was timid with the heat having been served inedible steak salad at a Thai Restaurant in New Rochelle, but next time, I'll ask them to stir in the full spoon of the chili like sauce in addition to the teriyaki type sauce.

          2. re: dma1250

            NEO has an excellent lunch special. The sushi was pretty basic, but delicious.

            1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

              Don't forget Temptation Tea House, another "Asian Fusion" in Mt Kisco!

              1. re: menton1

                Other than their bubble tea, I've never been that big a fan of Temptation Tea House. Food not as good or interesting as Tengda (or Oishii), no lunch specials and you have to pay for parking.

          3. Neo Bistro - Mt. Kisco
            I had the pleasure of eating at the Neo Bistro this Saturday Night
            One word would rate this restaurant " Excellent"
            If you don't enjoy the food at this Asian all I an say is that you don't know good food.
            The Sushi is fresh and would stand up to the best in New York City. The Bibimbap is also good. Everyone at our table enjoyed the food and none of us had a bad meal.
            I will definetly be back. Service was good - No problems
            Give it a try - You won't be disapointed

            1. Mt. Kisco Oiishi has been consistantly good for the past year. I am not a sushi eater but have witnessed some beautiful displays on other plates. Their other food is delicious and the service is superb. The lunch special is a great value and well worth the trip. Don't let the outside appearance next to Dunkin' Donuts fool you, as inside is a modern decor. I visit other Chinese places and are always dissappointed in comparison. WCC is hosting a cooking demonstration there on 3/13. Go to to look at the offerings and sign up. Again, I would definately try Oiishi, it is worth it.

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              1. re: olsen332

                Agreed - we've been going there since it changed from Mt. Fuji, and we're still consistently happy with the food. We only recently strayed from their sushi menu, and I was pleasantly surprised how good their non-sushi offerings were. It seems pretty busy, especially at night, so hopefully it will continue to do good business in the area!!

                1. re: olsen332

                  We had dinner at Oiishi a couple of Saturdays ago after I had a good lunch there. It wasn't as good as lunch. I had the ginger duck because I really wanted to try it. (I still remember a version of it I had at a restaurant on Long Island 20+ years ago). This was ok, but it had lots of skin (fat) in it, and I found a few pieces of bone. The hot & sour soup was good but bowls were only 2/3 full, which really bothers me. They were definitely very busy.

                  I still like Tengda in Katonah the best but I have not been to Neo yet.