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Kosher Meal Delivery by UPS or Fed Ex

We have a friend (that keeps Kosher) that is having surgery and will be recuperating for several weeks. We are in Austin, TX and the Kosher selections are limited.

I was wondering if there was a company that delivered overnight (with dry ice or similar) Kosher meals that require limited preparation. As this forum is chowhound, tasty options only please.

In addition, if there is a company or companies that you recommend. Please mention specific entrees, etc that have been enjoyed.


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    1. Is your friend in Austin? If so there is the Kosher Store in the HEB Grocery at 7025 Village Center Dr. (512) 502-8459 that includes a restaurant - they also might be able to help -

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        Both my friend and I live in Austin. We thought that since the HEB Deli is one of the few restaurants available that it would be the "go to" for most people and were looking for an alternative.

        Goodhealthgourmet, do you know anything about the quality (taste) of aviglatt.com ?

      2. Try Noah's Ark in Teaneck. We ordered for a trip and it arrived before us.

        1. Seuda in Brooklyn ships food. Everything is prepared and just needs to be heated up. Meat and dairy options are both available. The food is mostly Middle Eastern/Syrian. Their chicken nuggets and fried fish are both delicious.

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            I second Seuda. They catered one of my sheva brachos two years ago and the food was excellent. We ordered dairy from them and literally everything they sent was amazing.

            Also it is very nice of you to be so concerned for your friend! Tizku l'mitzvos

          2. BS"D

            Almost any kosher restuarant will be happy to do it. So you really must decide what kinds of food will soothe your friend and increase his/her morale. From BBQ to Chinese to braises to cholent/kugels, it's all available frozen and packaged for easy reheating.

            1. According to the latest issue of "The Jewish Star" written by Michael Orbach, Kosher.com will be offering delivery of kosher food, some 15,000 items, wordwide!


              According to the article this should begin this Monday. Here is quote from the article.


              "The internet goes kosher

              With over 15,000 products and free delivery, Kosher.com hopes to change the way we shop.

              By Michael Orbach
              Issue of August 21, 2009 / 1 Elul 5769

              On Monday, Cedarhurst becomes the center of the online kosher world.

              That’s the day the revamped Kosher.com goes live, offering free delivery of over 15,000 kosher products in Nassau County, Manhattan, Riverdale and parts of the Bronx and Brooklyn. Perhaps more importantly, after two years of development and advances in packaging, Kosher.com will be able to ship any of its goods worldwide — a kosher food happening that may be the best thing since sliced challah.

              In the coming months, Kosher.com plans to expand its free delivery area to other parts of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut."

              The rest of the article can be read at http://thejewishstar.wordpress.com/20...

              I hope that I have satisfy the requirement of the publisher as described below


              Publisher’s note: Permission to repost this story on-line is granted provided the following conditions are met:

              1) No editing is permitted, including headlines. The article must be reproduced in its entirety. (Of course the article may be freely quoted for news stories or blog entries provided a link to this page is included.)

              2) Full credit to The Jewish Star, the Jewish Star logo (below) and the byline of the writer must be prominently displayed, preferably at the top of the story.


              Point (1) I did quote without editing from the article and included 2 links to the article
              Point (2) I did give credit to "The Jewish Star" and the story writer. The logo can be seen when following the link.

              1. I have the same question. I want to send a friend recuperating from surgery some prepared kosher food.

                I am looking only for best quality, delicious kosher meals and soups, and healthy delicious gift basket items.

                By the way, Zabar's offers some limited Kosher gift options. Some of their items are delicious, but not all. The bagels seem "cake-y" tasting.

                Some of their desserts are good.

                I'm looking for fantastic kosher meals that can be delivered overnight. Thanks for the help

                (I have googled and agree that aviglatt looks good, but I'd love to know if anyone has tried it.

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                  My son went to college in the Tri-State area (we live in Chicago)and we used aviglatt on many occasions. Always popular with him and his roommates.